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Dinghy / Tender recommendations

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I just broke a row lock on my Southern Pacific. So, it looks like whatever you choose spare rowlocknis necessary.


This is the last straw for our southern pacific SIB tender (2.4) as it doesn’t handle the smallest of chop and everyone gets a wet tush. We can’t do a RIB as foredeck space is limited so pack down for stowage in the cabin is the only option.


I’m looking at Takacat 3.0 LX to replace it. Does anyone have any views on these?

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We got our Maxxon retubed which was kind of ok but finally gave up, poor quality fabric, ss fittings all rusted and most glue lines started leaking in a few years. Was going to cost around 1.8k for another retube so we went all plastic, a Mac 270, durable and unsinkable. It had factory fitted wheels and I fabricated davit attachment u-bolts with Alu plates for extra support. Verdict: a little on the heavy side but with an outboard I reckon it is a very good option.

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We were in Oneroa on the week of 7th Jan but are back in AKL now. The registered name of our boat is "Straycat III" but the name printed on boat is Straycat only, must be another one with same name printed on hull. UNLESS some bugger has decided to take my boat for a cruise, I must check on it  :| 
I do recall seeing Gale Force some where in our travels through last 2 weeks.

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