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Queens Wharf Dolphins - Give us more ammo

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13 hours ago, erice said:

Well, if there is no cruise ship industry, you'd be hard pushed to find a consultant to cook up an economic benefits report that justifies the, what was it? $16mil? for tieing up bigger cruise ships. How long will it be before those big cruise ships are parked on a beach in India, being broken down for scrap?

The new world order doesn't have cruise ships or a cruise industry in the plan...

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Yep what he said. Maybe I'm getting sensitive in my old age but I agree, 1 person is killing Crew.org It's sad.  

True splat. But if something doesnt change soon, there wont be a forum here anymore.

Friends don't let friends read the Herald.

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8 hours ago, Rehabilitated said:

Another false dream 


1 hour ago, Rehabilitated said:

Who cares?😎 I have quite a few on mine. Do they care? No.

I care rehab. You are just trashing what used to be a really good forum. You post innane twaddlebollocks like the above, and no one can be bothered interacting on the thread, or the forum. 

Go have a look at the number of threads where you were the last person to post. Right now its 8 in marine talk, 14 in smalltalk, including threads where you made 10 unanswered posts, and that is not counting all the other topic listings where you posted some nonsense that no one can be bothered with.

I've tried interacting with you, I've tried being kind, and you just don't get it, you just post rubbish like that. So many people have you on ignore it is just not funny. You post in every thread, on every topic, so there is nothing left for anyone to read if they have you on ignore. You post regardless of whether or not you've got something to add, have some insight, or some knowledge to pass on.

You, Sir, are killing this forum, single handedly.

How many people here have rehab on ignore?

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That's not true.

You r entitled to your opinion.

By the way did you find the answers to your post re the Whangamata sinking longliner. Every other person knew where to find the answers u asked.

There r lots of threads you post in with similar tactics and you think your posts r interesting. Some r some not.

There r plenty of posts that do not add or inform. Like awesome, Gee, and Wow. Single word posts.

You have not attacked them.

Where have I been not nice to you.

Be kind and have a nice day.



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This is honest feedback you are getting here Rehab, please take the time to give it some consideration, rather than dismissing it out of hand.

Go and have a look at the topic listings and thread listings and have a count up of the number of threads where you have made the last post. You will see it is entirely out of proportion to any other user. I'm putting it to you that that is because no one can be bothered interacting with you, due to the frequency and quality (or lack of) of your posts. There is a high number of people that have you on ignore, that is not normal. Please go and have a look at what I am talking about, and give it some thought. Ask yourself why that might be? And perhaps what you could do to change that?

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