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Queens Wharf Dolphins - Give us more ammo

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Yep what he said. Maybe I'm getting sensitive in my old age but I agree, 1 person is killing Crew.org It's sad.  

True splat. But if something doesnt change soon, there wont be a forum here anymore.

Friends don't let friends read the Herald.

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Fish I have better things to think upon.

How do you know how many people have me on their ignore list. Their entitled to do that. 2000 members. A high number 50% = 1000 that don't, which means a high number don't.


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On 30/05/2020 at 8:08 AM, Fish said:

Well, if there is no cruise ship industry, you'd be hard pushed to find a consultant to cook up an economic benefits report that justifies the, what was it? $16mil? for tieing up bigger cruise ships. How long will it be before those big cruise ships are parked on a beach in India, being broken down for scrap?

The new world order doesn't have cruise ships or a cruise industry in the plan...


On 5/06/2020 at 3:14 AM, Rehabilitated said:

Another false dream 

Hi Rehab,

Any chance you could elaborate on what you meant with this post? It was in response to my post above. What exactly is a false dream? When you say another, do you mean there is more than one false dream?

What has dreams got to do with the collapse of the cruise ship industry, Auckland Council's emergency budget and the scrapping of the wharf extension project?

It looks like more nonsensical twaddlebollocks from you, and is just fouling up the forum like some sort of invasive marine slime. But that is what I think, I'm keen to hear your point of view on what you meant with this insightful post.

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