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Folding to fixed

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Unusual for Copacabana to be in the middle of the fleet. Whenever I raced against her she was always at the front. Paul Scoffin used to get it really going well. Scoffy must have taught him well.

Sniffy had Waitemata Sparkling a bit later on. He was top dog for quite some time. He was the same when he had the Raven 31. You wouldn't be the only one to only do 1 race with Percy. People get sick

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Hi "Sabre" had the same motor/box 1 inch shaft (standard) and a kiwi prop,if gently put in reverse it will stall the motor even after being well greased,I believe kiwi have updated minimum hp/gear box ,give them a ring as it is not on their website


Copacabana was well set up when"scoffy"had her ,not doubt it would of had the standard 2 blade folding

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On my previous boat I replaced the older NZ folding 2 blade prop for a Gori 2 blade (quite reasonably priced at less than a Kiwiprop) and it quite time to readjust my stopping and reversing as it was at least twice as good as the old one. That might be an option.

That is interesting and good to know. I also see that Kiwiprops have developed a 2 blade folding but is not in production yet.


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