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Interesting where the helm is


Do you mean that the helm is pushed down - as if she is carrying considerable lee helm?


This is one of 4 images I took back-to-back.  What we can't see in this image is that there is another boat, (Cirro Stratus - Farr) just out of frame and immediately ahead of Curlew.  Cirro Stratus was essentially stopped and, in the next image, is bearing down hard on us, while Curlew is above with the helm centered again.  I believe that Cirro Stratus had chosen that moment to hoist her sails and had gone head to wind ahead of Curlew - though my pictures don't catch that - just the subsequent bear-away.


So this image catches the moment that Curlew puts her helm down to luff above and clear Cirro Stratus.  Hence the eyes of both crew in the cockpit are to weather and on the boat to windward.  In the other 2 photos the helm is also centered - but that is not visible in the crop below.


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