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'Buoyancy bazooka'

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http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/ ... prize.html



Longreach shoots an emergency buoyancy aid 500 feet out to sea. It is made from hydrophobic foam which rapidly expands upon hitting the water.

It is equipped with flares for night-time illumination and allows the victim to remain buoyant for a longer period of time.


The inspiration for Longreach came from a military training session during Samuel’s army reserve training, where weapons that propel grenades and flares were demonstrated.

Samuel said: 'After learning about propulsion technology in grenade launchers, I had to find a chemical that would expand to forty times its size in just fifteen seconds upon hitting water.

‘After four months of testing I found that hydrophobic foam worked and soon after the concept for Longreach was developed. Winning the James Dyson Award will give me the financial support to develop a prototype and carry on testing'.

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While the US Cost deploys it and saves 47 lives in the first week of use off Malibu Beach with no injuries recorded. They are however sued by one person who claims that they foiled his attempt to swim to Hawaii.

Some creative licence with those numbers I suspect AA. I doubt very much 47 would have drown inside 1 week if the dodacky wasn't there. I'd think if over 2300 people a year were drowning at just one beach they would shut the bugger down pretty fast.

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