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Insurance for long haul short handed races.

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Can only insure through a broker.


None of the brokers so far have offered aon

I'm chatting to a AON and she's given me paper to fill out, which looks like the usual sort of stuff.


Would you like me to ask if you can chat with her direct? I'm 99% sure you can but I can check if you like.

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Aon are another broker.  they offer insurance through Vero and perhaps others?

She does call herself a broker so your probably quite right.

She did mention talking to London once she got my paperwork back. I took that as probably talking to Lloyds.

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I asked and have been told if anyone what's to enquire with AON here's the lady to speak to. She is a boater and does sail so can speak yachtie. But that also means she knows how dodgy many are :D


Tania Ruri
Level 1, 4 Fred Thomas Drive, Takapuna

P O Box 331240, Takapuna, Auckland, 0740, New Zealand
t +64 9 486 0499 | m
021 982 084  | f +64 9 486 0112
Financial Advisers (Disclosure) Regulations FSP Licence Number FSP90741



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I've been with AON for over 20 years with 2 keelers, an E7.4 and now a 90 year old classic launch. They have been great.


Full racing cover on the yachts and 250nm off shore coverage for the launch although I wont be using it.

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