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Where is Yachting going?

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I was cruzing Crew and saw this bit which is an extract from another thread. It's TYC asking a question so many other clubs are also asking.


subject that came up was akl-tga race. there were a number of tga boats keen to carry on race but we would like feedback from other parts of country. as we all know numbers have dropped lots from heyday but we want to keep it going and build it back up. We are basically starting from scratch with the race. can we please have some feedback from you guys.


and I saw that after being given a Sea Spray which this is in

Winter Series back in the day sml.jpg


'The series attracts fleets of up to 250 boats'


Where are we going???

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If you want to know why an event is failing, dont ask the current fleet why. Find those who aren't competing and ask them

FFS Splat, I think a lot of us would prefer that it wasn't laid out in black & white like that! Easier to pretend that it isn't that much if Splat doesn't do a damn spreadsheet!  

One of my favourite hobby horses.  Rum racing should be designed to introduce people to yachting, instead of fun you get protests,  collisions, special rum race sails, blah blah blah  Yawn yawn CBF.

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I remember those and earlier days with huge Akarana winter fleets and on the alternate sunday the Western combined fleets, now it seems only the Squadron Saturday races get reasonable numbers, not sure that we are going to change that pattern easily

Those days had lots of small boat fleets. Not rocket ships but lots of fun. Used to go up from Bucks for it. Ravens, Trackers, Reactors, Piedys, Cav 32, Spencer 30, all had their own divisions. 

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wake up and look around, the heyday of yachting is over. On its back with legs with its tits in the air.....

Specialist events excepted, i.e the two handed, has a certain appeal but are numbers trending up? we entered in 2013 I think 160?  Spoke to to previous contestants- feedback we are getting old and creaky, its too long and too dark and too cold.


Its not one thing, its a few factors and please crusty old farts of crew dont blame the young people for being young.


Cost of ownership

Time pressure

Work commitment

Political decisions that shrink the industry

Poor Club Management

Abundant other sporting options

Poor experiences racing

Expectation of better quality boats for families


Mono cultural as opposed to diverse cultural appeal

But the biggie- demographics


squaddie is shrinking, look at the winter series. the ponce is....well lets put it this way, if you had to shout the bar after a race you would be up for at least $14.50

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Waitimata current Winter Series fleet is round figures 150 boats per fortnight all clubs combined.
It's actually less than that as many boats do all races so will have been included 2 or 3 times.

Those days had lots of small boat fleets. Not rocket ships but lots of fun. Used to go up from Bucks for it. Ravens, Trackers, Reactors, Piedys, Cav 32, Spencer 30, all had their own divisions.

Sure did but now most organisations only regard those boats as entry list fillers and gear races around 50fters, its no wonder most have said 'f*ck you, I'm off to the golf club instead'.

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