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Where is Yachting going?

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If you want to know why an event is failing, dont ask the current fleet why. Find those who aren't competing and ask them

FFS Splat, I think a lot of us would prefer that it wasn't laid out in black & white like that! Easier to pretend that it isn't that much if Splat doesn't do a damn spreadsheet!  

One of my favourite hobby horses.  Rum racing should be designed to introduce people to yachting, instead of fun you get protests,  collisions, special rum race sails, blah blah blah  Yawn yawn CBF.

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Point taken Booboo, you make it what it is. If you tend to happy and positive then same with your racing experience and long may it last, inversely miserable people always have a bad time and complain a lot.


What I am commenting in is the shortsightedness by the reptilian overlords, and clipper has pointed out the ridiculous price for a guest to enter it! Once upon a time the Ponce had 2 divisions and 40 plus boats rum racing on a Thursday, the RNZYS are on a roll at the moment and Friday rum racing is a lot of fun but dont think for a second that they cant screw it up. Lots of people can psychologically fit that race into the end of the week so its an excellent place to cultivate crew and for new skippers to join in. But its also easy to kill the golden goose as the ponce has discovered with pretty much only a handful of boats doing their rum race despite a great commodore, far superior courses and much cheaper piss

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Lets look at it another way.


Membership at the RNZYS is not cheap but many of us pay it because that's the club we sail with. It has many benefits for us that make it worth while (reciprocal rights at many overseas clubs for example).

If non members or 'guests' have many if the same benefits but without paying any membership fees then why would you bother becoming a member?

How does that help the sport?


It sure looks to me like there are plenty of boats heading out rum racing at the RNZYS on Friday nights....

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Rum races are for the wealthy and the retired they aren't serious nor are they the entirety of yachting, far from it.


Nor is it a club v club thing as ALL clubs are suffering the same issues, keelboat at least. I've chatted to many YC's management over the last season or 3 and the length of the country, all say the same thing, all are facing the same issues to varying degrees.

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I dont know much about current racing, its many years since I did much but local club events. However, I can say the cruising fleets are growing. I think the racing issue is cost. The middle class kiwis provided the bulk of the competing boats in the past, and that middle class has significantly reduced in number. People are either struggling to make ends meet, working long hours, with very limited time, or they can afford expensive race boats, and often paid crews. Not so much in the middle any more. This is also why short handed racing is more popular - easier to find a crew. IMO.

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