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Where is Yachting going?

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If you want to know why an event is failing, dont ask the current fleet why. Find those who aren't competing and ask them

FFS Splat, I think a lot of us would prefer that it wasn't laid out in black & white like that! Easier to pretend that it isn't that much if Splat doesn't do a damn spreadsheet!  

One of my favourite hobby horses.  Rum racing should be designed to introduce people to yachting, instead of fun you get protests,  collisions, special rum race sails, blah blah blah  Yawn yawn CBF.

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Whats serious, going round the horn, RNZ, SSANZ triple? Yachting is what you make it and that attitude  that its for rich wankers is precisely what kills off interest.

I think you may have missed the trend of the last 20 years. The boats with the biggest cheque book tend to do better. Hense the decline of Joe average with the family cruiser participating. 

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I use to do a bit of rum racing at BBYC 10 years ago with my father on his Beale 42 Summer Rain, really enjoyed it,

I have done one since, about a  year ago on my own boat, lack of crew is the biggest problem, its hard for people to get the time off on a Friday,  as well as then having to battle the Auck traffic to get there.

short handed suits me, so I have joined  myself and son inlaw , [who has done very little sailing] to SSANZ, to have a crack at the triple series,  cruising division for now,  getting the boat ready and looking forward to it

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that attitude  that its for rich wankers is precisely what kills off interest.

I do apologise, I really shouldn't be laughing at your very poor comprehension skills.


But I am.............. :D :D :D :D :D

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The cost of boating, not just racing, is becoming harder to afford. It is not just the boats and their keep alone, but as BP has said, the cost of living is one biggy.
We recently had to give up our boat. It has been heart breaking for both of us. It was our life almost. We are only one income.
My wife earns what used to be considered a damn good wage of $25/hr ($50K/yr) A very very good wage for Marlborough, which is nicknamed the 10 dollar town. Our mortgage is very modest when compared to what some people have. The average rent is now at a median of $438 here in Blenheim and our we are on a plus side having a mortgage lower than the cost of rent. Our power usage is very low. Our rates are low because of where we live. We do not smoke and buy takeaways once per fortnight. We may have a wine once a month. We live just 10Kms from our place of work.
Yet we are struggling to have enough money to pay all the bills and maintain a boat on top. It was becoming a huge financial stress and some big expenses where coming up with Antifouling her again and we had no extra income to cover it. She needed new House batteries, She needed some rot removed. The list went on and it got to a point where we had to sell. I found that impossible. You only need to take a look at Trademe to see some spectacular boats for sale cheap at the mo. Some real bargains are to be had if you in launches on Trademe. Then I had a major issue take place. A Solar panel failed and the battery went flat and thus the bilge pump failed and the bilge filled to the engine level. No water internally, but a lot of the gear around the engine room needs sorting. I had two choices. Wreck the boat or give it away. I managed to find someone to give it away to. So we have walked away from a huge investment, both monetary and personal.
But I know I am not on my own.

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Crikey Wheels that is definitely a bummer experience however the storm will pass and the sun will shine eventually....

We spend most probably over $10k a year owning our log of wood with the greatest portion being marina fees take few overseas trips drive modest aged vehicles and are presently mulling the harsh reality of quitting at little $$$ return our much beloved yacht.

For us it will be a death in the family moment and it will take many moons to round off the sharp stabbing edges of that separation and loss but the ever rising tide of costs associated now require a hard close look at the reality.

Use the boat some years about 30 times so let’s say roughly $350 per use excluding consumables which when scaled against fly drive accomodation and consumables is quite reasonable value and in our book bloody oodles more fun and adventure.

However the sinking value of craft that you point to in your post Wheels negatively colours ones objectivity as a owner so most probably will look to take hit now and spend some of the $30+k saved in the next 3 years exploring other options.

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