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Where is Yachting going?

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Thanks for the kind thoughts and offers.

Think of it this way. Back in the 70's, how many couples both had to work? Had to that is. Often the Father worked, the Mother ran the House and brought up the Kids. Many of us low to middle income families still enjoyed the odd holidy and many a bloke could own a boat. Today, very few couples can make ends meet with just one working. I would suggest that if a couple is not earning at least $60K per year, they would not be able to afford a Boat in the water and a house as well.
So OK, Aucklanders may well be above the $60K/yr mark, but for the rest of us, that's a damn good wage. If you are not a teacher that is ;-)

In Auckland, , the average salary is NZ$58,798. The most popular occupations in Auckland are Account Manager, Software Developer, and Operations Manager which pay between NZ$59,131 and NZ$79,574 annually.Apr 13, 2019


Not everyone has the luxuries. In fact stuff is far cheaper today and allows us to have those luxuries easier and things you see at boat shows are often aimed at the wealthy boat owner anyway.
It is the cost of everyday living now that has got out of hand. Hence having to have both partners working for most. And then the expenses of essentials re owning a boat. Like Marina, Insurance, Maintenance.

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If you want to know why an event is failing, dont ask the current fleet why. Find those who aren't competing and ask them

FFS Splat, I think a lot of us would prefer that it wasn't laid out in black & white like that! Easier to pretend that it isn't that much if Splat doesn't do a damn spreadsheet!  

One of my favourite hobby horses.  Rum racing should be designed to introduce people to yachting, instead of fun you get protests,  collisions, special rum race sails, blah blah blah  Yawn yawn CBF.

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Mast up hardstand provides many savings in maintenance etc over a boat kept in the water.  Dry sailing is very popular overseas where there are lots of facilities & infrastructure.  Unfortunately in Auckland there aren't many options for larger boats (25 - 30 foot) which is a shame, especially as there are some awesome modern trailer boats available.  Westhaven hardstand is almost as expensive as a small marina berth.  The area of housing close to Bucklands Beach boat ramp doesn't have overhead power lines so some people there can keep their boat at home mast up & tow it down to the ramp.  Lots of great facilities in the rest of NZ for trailer sailing.

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Whats serious, going round the horn, RNZ, SSANZ triple? Yachting is what you make it and that attitude  that its for rich wankers is precisely what kills off interest.

I find it sad your go to with wealthy is money and then get abusive to boot.


Rum races generally kick off during most peoples work times or within minutes of knock-off, what do you need to be wealthy in to be able to make the start?


The sad f**ks go the dollar, the smart people know it's not that at all.


So as I said rum racing is for the wealthy IN TIME and the retired who do tend to be more TIME wealthy that those doing the 9-5.

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Time ha ha! Now you know how to “spin” Making something appear to be quite different because its expedient..... Politics 101.


Getting back to the subject at hand, I have had so many conversations with people who say that the value of boats is inversely proportional to the cost of berthage. Westhaven put the prices up, but values go down. There are plenty of boats in the racing scene that are in what I call the vulnerable range that is they are cheap, worth anywhere between 20 and $50,000 that cost between 6 and $10,000 a year to park, let alone buy sails. No wonder we cant give them away so why would you go ahead and buy a boat for those kinds of running costs when there are plenty of other activities that you can get yourself involved in that cost a lot less than 10 or 15,000 a year?

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