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We need help in protecting Great Barrier Island.

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Environmental Protection authority (EPA) and  Coastal Resources Limited  (CRL) have been awarded a 35-year consent to dump 250,000  cubic metres of dredging   every  year  off the coast of Great Barrier Island !!!


The people of Great Barrier Island don’t want to be a dumping ground and are struggling to be heard on this one because their population is so small and they just don't have the financial resources.


It’s our duty to support them - Your support would have an outsized impact.


Please sign this petition -every vote counts



To donate:




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You need to do more than a partition.


Surely the population of the Island is more than 200 plus their friends, The whole island needs to close shop.


They need to organise another march along Queen street with a ten minute sit in delaying QUEEN STREET TRAFFIC, with more than 5000 or more marchers and sit at the mayors office and grounds with full TV coverage, possibly get John Tamihere as he needs a cause and exposure against Goff, [ which should get Goff on the case or in any event get additional coverage as a result ] and he should be able to add numbers with his supporters also. Send requests to all NZ's environment, conservation groups and staff members nation wide to join the crusade, all the Auckland province fishing clubs, and a open public invitation once a date has been set.


Have a spoke person with personality a through grasp of the issues, contact the Queensland protest and environment group that got the AUSSIE great barrier resource consent overturned as the expert advice was that the dumping from the new open cast coal mines would not affect the reef, which it did to a devastating affect proving expert advice can be wrong when it comes to tidal currents, adverse storms and with all that get TV time on TV 1 and TV 3 breakfast morning time with colour maps, aerial colour photos of the crystal clear blue beach waters large enough for breath taking public awareness for them to realise what is their foreshore and beaches also alongside a enlarged photo of Auckland harbour brown waters at the Queens wharf with words "it would be criminal to allow this to happen to NZ's GREAT BARRIER ISLAND because it probably will". "How can our environment minister allow this to happen". Get a NZ herald journo to do a special Saturday paper story. See if the TV CH will include the case / cause in the Programme THE NATION.


Try and get Paula Bennett and Bridges Support participation.


Cheers. Thanks for your relentless enduring efforts.

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I nominate Lucy lawless to be 5he figurehead for the campaign.

You will need more than her. Try "LORD" she a bigger TV draw card, Russell Crow also, Russell Coutts, PETER JACKSON Great BARRIER ISLAND ONE DAY WOULD MAKE A GREAT MOVIE FILM SETTING!!!!... NO NEED TO GO TO TAHITI... GREAT BARRIER ISLAND IS NZ"S TAHITI.

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Have any of them got behind environmental issues in the past?



The past does not matter. It's the future and protesting is the latest fashion, craze statement activity, good citizen thing to do, real time action activity and not ridiculed or frowned a pond like previous times. 

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