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We need help in protecting Great Barrier Island.

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I was surprised how much I learned from investing the time to read the report (its long). KM pointed out that I didn’t know exactly what the source areas were so I decided the issue is important enoug

So what ? CO2 represents .4 of a percent of earths atmosphere - or just under 400 parts per million (ppm). Of this 96 /97 % is produced naturally. Man contributes

Where did you get that factual information from. Can you quote your source please?   It seems to be contrary to the NIWA north Island tidal flows observed in the URL link provide by SloopJohnB  pos

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I think this time an apology is in order.


I did not say just the AC basin. In fact it has notting to do with the AC basin dredgings.


P.O.A. Channel deeping project.



My last comment was indeed aimed at TwoSail not you Rehab. I see that having pressed the quote button it didn't pick up the right post.

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“If you read the report” (my usual war-cry) you’d see that the 30 yr consent for dumping is to cater for a wide range of dredging areas across Northland and Waikato including rivers, estuaries, marinas and other channels. It’s not just for the AC basin.




I think this time an apology is in order.


I did not say just the AC basin. In fact it has nothing to do with the AC basin dredging's. 


P.O.A. Channel Deeping project.


http://www.poal.co.n...l Deepening.pdf 


Near Great Barrier Island, perhaps? They have not stated yet where. They are applying for consent 12/2019 and the AC dredging dumping area is a real possibility, namely near Great Barrier Island Colville Channel.. 

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follow up email sent and await reply


Thank you for your reply Hon Eugenie Sage
Will the testing for metals,fan worm etc will it be done at time of dredging and where will I be able to find the test results?
The concern is the dump site being only about 20kms off Gt Barrier Island and as of today there is no presence of fan worm .With a good easterly gale the silt etc will move and possibly disturb the content to enable it to wash ashore at Gt Barrier Island 
Why cant the material be extracted and not be shipped ashore and used as base for roading.I can see a risk if it was to be transported as any liquid could find its way in to the storm water system but then is it anymore risky than barging to a dump ground as the liquid will trickle its way across the Hauraki Gulf.
Paul Carnahan
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