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What sticks to #3?

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Hi All,


Just wondering if anyone can tell me what sticks to old (90s) Altex #3? I know some top coats didnt stick well to it (mine didnt in places) but what about other primers?

I have sanded it back a fair way with 150 grit and am hoping to apply another primer or undercoat over top of the #3 prior then top coating over that.

I was thinking YRA600, Interprotect or Durepox. Preferably the YRA as I already have a job lot of the stuff, if it will stick to it.


Also I read in a past topic that #3 prefers to be overcoated soon after sanding. Does this still apply to paint that has been on the boat for 25yrs?



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As long as the 3 is adhering well to the Hull (Remember, even if you apply the best sticking, hardest wearing paint ever made, it will only ever be as good as what it is painted onto) then any 2 pot under coat will be fine.
However, 150 grit is far too fine. You want to provide a "key" sanding the surface with 80 grit at least.
What ever system you are going to go with, read the specs on it and it should tell you what you need to know in the way of prep work and what first to apply for what material it is you are painting.
Also, be careful when painting on Epoxies like say Durapox. Epoxies may work well, but can be a headache to sand and paint again in the future. Some like Durapox go so darn hard, they are hard to sand and hard to get anything to adhere again without a lot of hard elbow work keying the surface.

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Thanks, I would like to avoid using durepox or interprotect if I can as this will add another step and because it is difficult to sand. The #3 has stuck very well and looks to be in great condition. I just want to be sure that the YRA600 will stick to it. I might try giving international a call just to make sure.

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its all above water line. Above post is in regards to my cockpit. Not sure whats on the hull yet, I havnt started sanding that. Theres no sign of any problems with the substrate on that though.

So as I understand it #3 three makes a good primer but a lousy undercoat. It sounds like its just the topcoat that doesnt want to stick to it, maybe cause there is very little mechanical keying with super fine sanding prior to top coating. I imagine it worked ok if topcoated within a day or two of original application to take advantage of chemical bonding.

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