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World first electric tug P.O.A. NZ gets first boat. Although it cost double of non electric

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The risk is carried by the shareholders - Auckland council, hence ratepayers.....

Last year, POAL had a revenue of 243 Million They made a profit of 76 Million They paid Auckland council a dividend of 51 Million Their overall return on equity was over 15% http://www.poal.co.nz/

Because if you are as small as NZ you have to lead by side-stepping your bigger competitors and playing a different game if you want to win. By win I mean get things like investment.   True story. A

I will continue to bang on.

The local supermarket throws up the ideal employers vision of a non wage workforce with the self service check out kiosks.

Next time you go through a human operated checkout ask for their professional opinion on the Orwellian technological spectre sited just across the way of being displaced by commercially innovative options.

Had to larf when the worlds greatest social welfare beneficiary the Queen was exposed to a self service kiosk she questioned their fallibility regarding shoppers not paying and doing a runner.

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If POAL is investing in a commercial innovative edge by displacing port workers with remotely operated straddle carriers at great cost and subsequent technological operational difficulty how bright is the workers future.

Personal opinion not that innovative.

POAL like many employers that have lengthy historical work place employment difficulties now reach to these forms of technology to render their pesky workforce that seeks a living wage redundant.

Commercial innovative edge usually pitches machines against the ability for the slaves to put tucker on the table.

I have no words.


Can someone with more patience than me pick this one up?

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I dont expect NZ, a country of 4 million to lead the world. Why should we be? Certainly not leading it in renewable power generation. Remember Aucklands electric bus. What an expensive joke that was. See the same for this folly. Why on earth do you want to lead the world in this.?

Because if you are as small as NZ you have to lead by side-stepping your bigger competitors and playing a different game if you want to win. By win I mean get things like investment.


True story. A few weeks ago I was sitting in an office in Silicon Valley with a group of tech entrepreneurs and investors who were contemplating a place to run a pilot for an exciting new technology and associated business model (for obvious reasons I can’t go into any details). Early on in the meeting one of the American investors asked “With all due respect why should we do this in NZ of all the places we could do it?”


I responded by rattling off a list of somewhat opportunistic technical, economic and commercial benefits that made it a convenient pilot territory. Which helped a bit but didn’t win the deal.


Do you want to know what won the deal? One of the other Americans in the meeting room - whom I had hosted in NZ a few months earlier - turned around a said “because I’ve been there, Bob, and seen how innovative those kiwis can be. Remember they were the first country in the world to give women the vote - didn’t you realise the Suffragettes were kiwis? And they recently made gay marriage legal and of course we all know how they responded to that awful mosque attack in Christchurch. This is the right place to try something new and if it works we can build it out from there into the rest of Asia which is on their doorstep and they have a great blended workforce of Asians in NZ.”


I could easily imagine adding the line “And they’ve just ordered the world’s first all electric tugboat to test how it works in their main shipping port - think of these guys as the Tesla innovators of the sea!”

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Not sure if it has hit the water yet(due Q3 2019), but Navtec are about to deliver a fully electric tug to Istanbul, not quite as big though...

Length, oa 18.7m
Breadth 6.7m
Depth 4.65m
Draught 3.5m
Gross tonnage 112tonnes
Speed 10knots
Bollard pull 31tonnes
Crew 4

1484kwh battery capacity and a pair of 968kW siemens motors for drive


details from Royal Institute of Navel Architects 


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