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World first electric tug P.O.A. NZ gets first boat. Although it cost double of non electric

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Does this tug's electric drive system design exist? The Damen 2513 RSD is an existing diesel driven design.

There is nothing on the Damen web site or any other international ship building sites so far, just the gushy NZ media announcements - the Herald says the tug is all of 6m!.

Sounds like this could be a bleeding edge development project.

I have seen a suggestion elsewhere that the tug will in fact be equipped with 2 x 1,000kW "standby generators", which would make it a diesel-electric or at best hybrid.

How much is the recharging facility going to cost, for a fast charge there will need to be a major upgrade to the power supply for the port? What is the battery life and replacement cost? 

How does all this compare with diesel consumption and associated maintenance costs on a diesel driven tug?

I think when the capital costs are all taken into account, the payback period will be about the life of the tug, so purported cost savings may not in fact be real.

Waiting to see confirmation of specifications to answer alot of the above

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The risk is carried by the shareholders - Auckland council, hence ratepayers.....

Last year, POAL had a revenue of 243 Million They made a profit of 76 Million They paid Auckland council a dividend of 51 Million Their overall return on equity was over 15% http://www.poal.co.nz/

Because if you are as small as NZ you have to lead by side-stepping your bigger competitors and playing a different game if you want to win. By win I mean get things like investment.   True story. A

Good move, shows some leadership. Worst case diesel/electric if it doesn’t work out but we’ve been doing that with trains like forever so all the tech is well established. Couldn’t think of a better use of electric that a tug or perhaps the Devonport ferry.

Pity that tug has too pull the ship thats just belched out carbon from the other side of the world so we can have cheaper goods from china which has belted out tonnes of carbon,to be effective POAL need to turn around to shipping companies,as from this date we will only assist those that meet the POAL carbon rates!

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Without innovation nothing changes....except by forced necessity.

The following may seem off topic, but if you reflect ..isnt..

Somebody...sometime... has to take up the challenge of invention and testing and proving..

...it just may be real good for the planet and your kids...but there is not a lot of ways to convert that into hard cash.. 


In the "oldern days" Universities were built on exploration of NEW possibilities. Often met with difficulty and even failure.

They were encouraged to go down pathways...just to see what was there..and what was possible...and indeed USEFUL.


Now it seems that the modern interpretation of...useful..is only defined by "immediately profitable"....  which is insanely childish for a mature world. The definition of profitable is..."an immediate financial gain for the initial investment to the original financiers..."


Not....     HEY.....thats a bloody good idea...but will probably take awhile to sort it out...LETS GO FOR IT.


We have lost so much immediate innovation because we spend our time arguing about "why"...and  "who is going to pay"..


For older people who worry about where their taxes are being spent ?....  perhaps a shot of penicillin may wake you up.....

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It's great they are having a go.

However any suggestion that an early adopter ordering one unit should then own the manufacturers IP for the project is laughable.

Order fifty tugs and they might talk about sharing some of it.

For buses probably 1,000 units to start that conversation.

Really POAL should be thankful the manufacturer said yes to supplying one to Auckland, given the long range support required.

The fast charging system will be very interesting.

Interesting that POAL is having a dollar each way, a fully electric tug as well as a hydrogen generation unit (shared with Kiwirail)

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Totally believe the maintenance savings . Dunno if the tugs are set up like offshore commercial vessels but assume they are with centrifugal filtering systems and sophisticated lubrication systems etc . They no doubt have a very regular and expensive maintenance regime to ensure ultra reliable operation. Who ever has the contract for servicing the tugs will be very anti the electric one and that is understandable . I share aleana’s frustration at the anti innovation sentiment in this country especially towards electric vehicles and boats yet most of the opponents have some of the best battery powertools money can buy or drive common rail diesel vehicles that cost moonbeams to repair and troubleshoot . I Think POA are on the right track and Admire whoever it was that had the moxie to push the idea .

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I think what people conveniently forget is that the electricity has to come from somewhere,are we going to have to dam more rivers or burn more coal to produce it?



You omitted Nuclear. It's still on NZ Nats manifesto. Cook strait has a designated area for nuke waste. What little emission P.O.A. will save is not worth worry about. In time diesel will be so cheap as I have previously posted especially as  HT has posted.

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"Priscilla II, on 04 Aug 2019 - 5:18 PM, said:


If POAL is investing in a commercial innovative edge by displacing port workers with remotely operated straddle carriers at great cost and subsequent technological operational difficulty how bright is the workers future.
Personal opinion not that innovative.

POAL like many employers that have lengthy historical work place employment difficulties now reach to these forms of technology to render their pesky workforce that seeks a living wage redundant.

Commercial innovative edge usually pitches machines against the ability for the slaves to put tucker on the table.


I have no words.

Can someone with more patience than me pick this one up?


Not on the subject title. This belongs as a new thread in small talk. 

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