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World first electric tug P.O.A. NZ gets first boat. Although it cost double of non electric

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A well known CAT design  also had the same problems. Motors caught fire.



Having a bad day there rehab? Many diesel boats have caught fire, sunk, exploded, time warped to the next dimension and I am sure this tug may well have some issues as well. However as I mentioned in post number xyz we have had diesel electric shipping since before my grandfather was born and that was 1911 so its old tech. As you may be aware electric engines can produce max torque at about no revs making them ideal for low speed high thrust applications such as tugboats, the technology is solid, its proven, its old with a new twist, its lemon scented bro.


I am not for one minute fooled by corporate twaddle about climate change as a motivator, its about the numbers and they will save plenty of coin running these things. Bottom line is king in the corporate world and I am sure final payments will be held back to make sure that they do what they specified. Also as mentioned, the worst case scenario is what exactly? running out of angry pixies to turn the thrusters? they have back up diesel generators and moreover battery tech is improving all the time so by launch date or even in the next 5 to 10 years they could become even better.

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The risk is carried by the shareholders - Auckland council, hence ratepayers.....

Last year, POAL had a revenue of 243 Million They made a profit of 76 Million They paid Auckland council a dividend of 51 Million Their overall return on equity was over 15% http://www.poal.co.nz/

Because if you are as small as NZ you have to lead by side-stepping your bigger competitors and playing a different game if you want to win. By win I mean get things like investment.   True story. A

So when the conversion from fossil fuels to electricity takes place where exactly does the enormous amount of electrical generation come from.

Presently France is 80% uranium based and solar and wind are pretty much a minority here.



France are on the right track but in the future it should come from thorium, and wind, and tide, and geothermal, and hydro.

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Last year, POAL had a revenue of 243 Million

They made a profit of 76 Million

They paid Auckland council a dividend of 51 Million

Their overall return on equity was over 15%



That's stella numbers for any business, so the above suggestions that they are playing fast and loose with ratepayers money are pretty cynical.


They seem to be really quite good at running an efficient profitable port, and if they think that electric tugs are a sound business decision, then on the above results I would be inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt. 


Doesn't mean I want them encroaching any further into the harbour, but that's an altogether different discussion.

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