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Vendee race 2020 / 2021 huggo-boss-round-the-world-huggo-latest-design-for-the-vendée-globe-race-in-2020-21/

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You would have to have very long legs to step over the traveller. If you tried you would probably receive a busted pelvis. Note the decks are all solar panels in addition to coach roof. Where is the h

That guy has so much bad luck !  On the passage back from Noumea last week  we had a few sightings near North cape, Humpback I think. its cool to watch them from a distance,  so long as they keep the

Crikey HB looks friggin awesome. https://youtu.be/go3f7EvrCE0

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That may well be but having to step over that traveler would drive me nuts. I'm sure I would not be the only one to think that way.

Thousands of engineers have designed rigs for all manner of boats but they still fall over the side when still new.


 You would have to have very long legs to step over the traveller. If you tried you would probably receive a busted pelvis. Note the decks are all solar panels in addition to coach roof. Where is the helming pedestal can you see it? Name another single boat design or a single mast design that has involved 100 designers in it's design.


Compare the design to his previous boat. This design I think you will find is totally sail from inside the boat. There was only a one sentence line  re boat speeds that inside / on these boats it is almost impossible to stand / keep balance as a result of the vibrations at speeds. The tunnel is there for   entering the vessel. Outside the traveller not much protection to remain on board in fact it is all open. Also I think you will find the boat is fully automatic controlled by computers, sail tuning / adjusting, mast alterations, boom vang computer operated, mast raking computer operated, stays adjusting, reefing ect. I would not be surprised if the whole cabin floor is on vibrating resisting shock absorbers' and possibly gimballed as well so as the cabin would be level at all times irrespective of the angle of the boat except inverted to prevent lurching thrust from all directions, his berth also on air / hydraulic oil shock absorbers' and possibly gimballed also so he can get to sleep otherwise the vibrations would be so great he would have to be strapped in to prevent being catapulted around the cabin and the shaking / vibrations / lurching would make it impossible to sleep.


There would be multi displays for him to monitor, computers to watch / attend to / alarm systems, possibly air conditioning with carbon monoxide detecting monitors and alarms, solar panel monitoring, computer controlled, battery computer monitoring and computer controlled with automatic computer controlled charging to keep the batteries at full charge with a small genset as a computer back up system / apparatus, as the vessel will be possible be unsinkable when fully enclosed, which the design features seem to be  as buoyant as possible  when submerged and a total hull wave piecing design with lease drag from wave wash / on board water. 


All that would account for the number of designers that were involved 100. all those individual systems would require a separate expert design teams. So why would you need to transit the traveller. The boat is not the non tech ordinary yacht that you possibly sail / crew on.



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