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Vendee race 2020 / 2021 huggo-boss-round-the-world-huggo-latest-design-for-the-vendée-globe-race-in-2020-21/

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I am constantly amazed at this new tech, just need to remember that like F1 cars the average guy probably couldnt even drive a lap of the countdown carpark and the cars themselves are on a different planet to your moms swift. As for the $$, well we all know that there is no limit to the amount of cash you can pour into a race boat.


Not only race boats but cruisers.





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Control centre of new Hugo Boss!


attachicon.gif Hugo boss at-cockpit.jpg

Is that really the new control centre? or a spoof from Sailing Anarchy, showing a drone pilots console? Either that or a flight simulator.

There is nothing marine about it, esp the chair, and the screens look to have very aviation type views and horizons. I first saw this on SA and it just looked like they were having a laugh a few days after HB's launch...


PS, I think a joystick would be about as useful as tits on a bull in a foiling imoca jumping off waves at 25 knts plus. Don't they normally use track balls for that reason? (not being able to hold on, and throwing the mouse / joystick around as the boat jumps and lurches)

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Alex Thompson and Hugo boss are struggling. Torn reaching sail and running out with the needles repair kit.






The worsening position with a storm approaching the fleet for the IMOCA60s that chose the western option, Thomson would probably settle  for second place.

There may also be pressure to share a half with his British co-skipper for this race, Neal McDonald, also Hugo Boss’s performance manager. Both will at least be stitching as they watch the updates, trying to mend a torn reaching sail that they will need “in about 30 hours approx.

Thus probably one of them will be banging in needles, the only problem they have broken quite a few, so they have only got three needles they claim.

The sail was damaged while passing Ushant and Thomson is not sure what caused it. He said he will be speaking to the sailmakers, but it shouldn’t’ve happened..

The effect has been clearer; All spare time is being taken with trusting fingers banging needles through what feels like concrete. It has forced them to take the western option rather than head south, where the current leaders were making their way through a ridge of high pressure off the coast of Morocco, that has been more benign than expected.


Who paid the ferry man, [ sailmaker ] :roll:

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Bad luck strikes again.


Thomson & McDonald look for a Port to refuge in caused by damage to Hugo Boss  keel. Hitting a submerged object. None hurt except pride, feelings, and sponsors.


Hugo Boss had completed just over a third of the 4,350-mile course of this biennial double-handed race to Salvador de Bahia, Brazil - the longest and toughest in the sailing calendar. Both skippers were working with their technical team on the best destination. to sail to. The newly launched  Hugo Boss was  in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, about 420 miles southwest from Madeira and 380 miles northwest of the Canary Islands when the mishap occurred.


.Following the incident, Alex and Neal hove to the boat, carried out an inspection to assess the damage sustained. They determined that the keel is only attached by the hydraulic ram forcing the withdrawal.



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That guy has so much bad luck !  On the passage back from Noumea last week  we had a few sightings near North cape, Humpback I think.

its cool to watch them from a distance,  so long as they keep their distance :-)

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Update re the damage and attempted repair stabilising LEADER BOARD TO DATE.



Since the incident occurred, the skippers with guidance from their technical team from shore they have been working around the clock to stabilise the keel in order to allow them to sail safely, without assistance, to the nearest port unsuccessfully.


Ross Daniel, Technical Director, said:


“After many hours of trying to stabilise the keel, Alex and Neal are understandably very tired and so we have made the decision that they should take some rest. Together, we will re-assess the situation in the morning. Both skippers are safe on board, the boat is stable, and they are in no immediate danger.

“Once the keel is stabilised, our best option looks to be to sail slowly and safely to the Canary Islands however we will make that decision tomorrow. Right now, Alex and Neal are in no immediate danger, and we are under no time constraints because the boat is currently in light winds and a slight sea state, and this is likely to continue due to the high pressures over the Azores. The boat is currently sailing in a north westerly direction, which it will continue to do throughout the night”.



The incident occurred on day seven of the Transat Jacques Vabre Normandie Le Havre, the  world’s longest and toughest double-handed transatlantic race which takes skippers, in their pairs, on a 4,350 mile journey from Le Havre, France to Salvador, Brazil. When the HUGO BOSS boat hit the unknown object at a speed of 25kts, Alex Thomson and Neil McDonald were over a third of the way into the race, and were situated around 380 miles north west of the Canary Islands.


The keel is now no longer attached to the boat.”


The question is

11thHour Racing is hunting the top two. So who can beat Credit Mutuel? Plenty :::.

On the first day since the start of the race none of the three classes competing have experienced a change of leader. The Class40 are joining the others fleets in the trade winds, they are not a terrain with many overtaking options, they are more about positioning and looking for the best corridor through the Doldrums, which the leading Multi50 will reach at the end of the evening.


IMOCA: 11thHour Racing on the charge


At the 15:00 UTC ranking, the fastest boat in the leading group was Charlie Enright (USA) / Pascal Bidegorry (FRA) on the 2015 foiler, 11thHour Racing.  Charal may be the most optimised of the new foilers, but they are feeling the heat from behind as they seek the best angle into the Doldrums.




Overnight 11thHour Racing had moved up two places from fifth to third and at the 15:00 UTC they were just a mile behind the new foiler, Apivia. 11thHour Racing covered 416 miles in the last 24 hours, 48 more than Apiviaand 28 more than Charal, which is 71 miles ahead.

Angles and wind shadows are a feature of the course, where milestones can become millstones if skippers get the passage past (or through) Madeira, the Canary Island and Cape Verde. 

In what are proving to be particularly unstable trade winds,11thHour Racing benefitted from being further west, but they are undoubtedly fast and Enright, on debut, is looking for more than the third step of the podium. 


Britain’s Samantha Davies has climbed back two places into sixth on Initiatives-Coeur, 162 miles behind the leader.  “Eight days ago, on the first night of the TJV, in 30+ knots of wind, our big gennaker (or A3 in sailing terms) blew out,” she wrote. The good news is they may not need it again and the Doldrums offers a real chance of podium place.


Class 40: Who can beat Crédit Mutuel  ? Plenty:


After entering the trade winds overnight, the four boats at the front of the fleet have lengthened their stride and taken significant advantage over the rest of the fleet. It is advantage which grew significantly during the day as the newer boats  sped away under spinnaker. After a tough first 7 days, they should now accelerated all the way to the Cape Verde islands. For all the efforts of Britain’s Sam Goodchild and his French co-skipper Fabien Delahaye on Leytonin second, the newly launched Crédit Mutuel (Ian Lipinski and Adrien Hardy), clearly has the edge at the moment, and has shown it in a variety of different conditions over the past few days. 


At the 15:00 UTC ranking, Crédit Mutuel had extended the lead over Leyton to 30 miles, after covering 20 more miles (290) in the last 24 hours. Aïna Enfance and Avenir was a further seven miles behind in third. 

"We have 15 18 knots and an easy sea,” Lipinski stated this morning “This is the third idyllic night since the start. We haven’t touched the helm since Ushant (after the first night).

“The passage through the ridge went well, without any particular complication, and we’re as happy looking at our track on Adrena, as a skier looking back at his track after descending a slope.”

A little like in the IMOCA, small Class40 groups have formed and they are having their own races within the race. We will have to wait until the entire fleet has passed the Canaries to establish a reliable hierarchy within the fleet of 22 duos still en route to Salvador de Bahia. 


Eärendil left Madeira this morning at the same time as Equipe Voile Parkinson was approaching the island to also make repairs.


ETA Doldrums     Charal: Early in the overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday.

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