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Work from the Ocean? What Jobs?

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Ive been thinking about what kind of industries can work while on the ocean cruising.


I work in IT, but Im quite high up and my technical skills are quite low now, so I would need retraining to do web development etc, but its an option.

Accounting, a whole new degree and test to be a CPA


Is there any reality to working while cruising?

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Some do, but not many

However lots work for a few months then cruise again, just remember most cruising paradises tend to be in low wage economies

But I know of some who fly to NZ or Au from the pacific to top up the cruising kitty


If your meaning cruising the NZ coast then that’s different

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Two errors in the second sentence and you're thinking about proof reading? Maybe stick to the deliveries!! ;-)  ;-)

Nah, nobody writes on the net with accuracy, I type all day at work so when i get home i dont even capitlise stuff or worry about spelling. Go easy on him :-)


Although I think there is a lot proof reading software now.


I have done technical writing, software manuals etc, that could be an option for you. Just need to know the industry style guides etc kind of like English is a language and had grammar, IT has certain words, sentences and gramar it uses. 


Its pretty boring though. But so is web development. I wish I had become something like a vet, where I didnt have to work in big cities. Ironically when I did my BCom they didnt have computer science, so I started in accounting, I hated it soooo much. Wish I had stuck with it now, a job you can do from anywhere and get reasonable money.

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Most writing work like proofing, reviewing and editing requires quite fast turn-around times and files can also be quite heavy. So a decent data connection is pretty much a base requirement.


Writing reports from provided data can be possible. But I think doing it while actually on the go is not so easy; the client wants it tomorrow, but you're a little busy dealing with the depression that sprang up and the AP is on the fritz so you have to hand steer.


While you're resting at anchor somewhere, and you're not exploring a bay or river, or an island, or you're not gently sipping a mojito in the tropics, you might find a little time to do some of that coding or writing.

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