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Great Barrier Rubbish Collection

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A family member who lives on the island told me that the council is making Great Barrier '0 rubbish', which means there will be no rubbish barge this summer, nor any bottle collection facilities.


The locals have complained saying boaties will dump their rubbish, so they are looking at possibly a 1 morning a week collection service at Fitzroy....maybe.


They are starting to organise the school kids to begin cleaning the beaches late Jan if this happens.


I pointed out boaties are pretty good, she raised one eye brow and said Id be amazed at how much rubbish gets dumped up in the bushes which was disappointing to hear.


I have another family member who runs the rubbish barge but I cant get hold of him at the mo for more info.


This is basically the only council service I happy pay my rates for, the rest I pay through point of a gun.

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What services will be available over the busy summer holiday period?


There will be a new ‘visitor-pays’ summer service running for seven weeks from the end of December 2019 to early February 2020. Summer services will be available at Port Fitzroy wharf. A land-based drop-off point for boaties and visitors will be available at Port Fitzroy wharf. Fees will apply to incentivise visitors to sort and separate their waste. Visitors will need to purchase a pre-paid council rubbish bag or be able to pay at the drop-off point for the on-island disposal costs.

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Feel free to ring this servant of the community...

We turned up and went and bought a bag, put out black bag in it and added to the pile.


There was this big flash sign and then a huge pile of rubbish dumped where the recycling bins were. I had to laugh at the $400 fine if you dump rubbish sign where the bins used to be.

I sat there and ate my burger whilst the pile got bigger and bigger, half the folk coming in were not boaties but locals, some by car and they were not happy

Every local I spoke to was seething at the fact a pencil pushing idiot in a windowless room back in the city had changed the system.


Fitzroy in a blow is a dangerous place in my opinion.


What a joke.



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