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A little ship

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Attached a pic of a little ship that passed by the other day.

There are quite a few of these miniature tugs in Holland and I had thought that they were models but then most are circa 1900 - 1920 and I doubt that people were much into model ships in those days.

Turns out they were genuine little workboats and used for towing a convoy of barges of around 12m length each to market, usually laden with flowers, vegetables or other produce. They have one cylinder diesel engines of the same vintage, about 200rpm flat out and sound fantastic.


So now we have completed a grand tour or Holland and are making our way to our winter marina where we will leave the boat for seven months. Sorry, but I have to say this. Boat hauled out, waterblasted, cradled, covered and relaunched next April, all for NZD1200. Pretty good I think compared to NZ prices.

But it sure can rain in Holland!

The canals and rivers are a bit different here, long and straight which I suppose is what you get in a flat country. But then it's easy to make miles. A couple of times in france the canals made huge loops. On one occasion we motored 20 km in an almost complete circle and ended up 1km further ahead. Kinda reminds me of beating to windward in the H28.

So that's almost it - two weeks more of cruising though Friesland and then a week of maintenance and winterizing and then home.

Sorry to leave but also looking forward to the NZ summer - did I say that it can rain (a lot) in Holland? But then it's a pretty place. Here's a typical little village.



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