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Wright 11

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Hi All,

Does anyone know much about the Wright 11. From what I can see they look like a pretty good large volume cruiser. How would they compare pricewise against a good Farr 1220? Performance? I’ve seen a couple around (Mystic Lass, Tuxedo Junction) but there doesn’t appear to be too many around.....

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Crikey we should of built more 1050,s and 10.5 marinas.

And not put 1.5m prods on the 1050s...

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The Wright is smaller, and a bit slower. That one is in very good order, someone has spent a lot on her. Its at the top end of possible pricing for that. a 1220 in that condition should be worth more, but would be a rare find - as that Wright is.

There are lots of much later model boats around for that money.... but modern production.

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Do we know how long ago this was? They are wanting a top end price in todays market and I wonder about the future state of the internal cabinetry, electronics, engine etc.

Considering it was an insurance job they would have rewired the whole boat, electronics should be ok as it sounds like it never sank only halfway up engine.


If engine never submerged past the intake there shouldnt be any issues and again being an insurance job it would have been thoroughly checked.


They are nice boats and seem to sail well, i wouldnt compare it to a 1220 as you are comparing an 11m to a 12.2m so hardly fair to match them off against eachother.

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