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Wood tiller finish

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I know you live in a sunnier place than I do but still I think it should have lasted longer. What type of wood? Oak and epoxy for instance is non-trivial to make work in my experience.


Then we have tho option of KISS. If swelling/shrinking with variations in humidity is not an issue for this tiller I would consider good old one-pot varnish. Yes, it will need to be re-done on a regular basis but it is not hard work. A cover will extend the service interval considerably.



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Strip back, 80 to 100 grit,

80/20 thinner/varnish ~ couple of coats


50/50 same


Then 6 to 8 coats for a total of no less than 10.

It may be worth wet sanding after 4 coats for a better finish then another 4 coats.

Get a cover for it, if not wet sand 400 grit and 2 coats every 6 months.


Schooner or gold spar / similar

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