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Altex elite 321 brushing polyurethane

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Has anybody used this product? I have recently seen a boat painted with it using the roll and tip method about 15 years ago and still looks great however it was painted by a pro so I’m curious if many/any amateurs have had any success?


If so any tips? Most info I have seen suggests roll and tip but the tin says tipping may not be necessary...

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Yes. Very disappointed. It’s too soft to use on a boat. After 2 years we have nicks and scratches and patches all over. Perhaps a pro might have done a better job but I can think what we did wrong. We measured properly and observed Redpath times. The undercoat is harder than the topcoat.

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I have used it over lots of my topsides with just a brush.  (Areas between non slip patches are two narrow even for a little roller in places!)


Get it mixed and thinned right and it flows out nicely. Have also used roller and tipped off. Also good.

Well better than toplac for example.


I painted under my heads with it and as expected gave a good high gloss easy clean finish.

The fumes were too much even with ventilation. If using interior get the right respirator! 

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Thanks all for the advice. Ended up rolling it on with foam rollers after talking to a boat builder who had used the product. Sounded simple so I went with that.. worked ok. Certainly passes the boat length rule imo.


I painted the window frames with a brush and the finish was much better so I would probably try roll and tip next time. Thats if god forbid I get the crazy notion to paint a boat again.


Any way, with this weather it is bloody nice to be back in the water...


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