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Davidson 28 Rudder Lore

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Hi crew,


Half of Auckland mentions they used to sail a D28 and ask me which rudder I have when they hear I sail one. The popular take is that there were multiple variations made to improve the original rudder, many of these being DIY efforts. From what I hear many were extending the leading edge forward to give it some balance as the design I have is pretty much in line with the pivot point.


I can't find much trace of the Davidson 28 association as it seems to have faded away before I acquired mine. Does anyone have any info on what people were doing with rudders? Drawing, patterns, moulds, etc?


Any other knowledge about the class is appreciated too!



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Can't comment on what people have done but here's a little historical titbit.

I spoke to Dave Blundell once and he told me the design brief to LD was for a wholesome gulf cruiser designed without regard to rule, and to look like a small Riada. I've seen that in print somewhere too.

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None of those rudders are balanced. A boat with a balanced rudder is much nicer to sail....


Mm so I have heard. I'd love to have a go at building an alternative if I can find the right guidance on shape etc. Really hoping to dig up some details of others that were done successfully for this class.

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