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hydrogen powered superyacht?

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Hmm,Tesla specs dont agree with that. Longest range model is the 2wd long range, (just discontinued) claimed 512km on a 75kwh battery. At nz average power costs of round 20c per kwh, that's about 15 odd dollars...

Still a cool car though, I'd have one .

Our night-rate EV power is ~11c/kwh, and some areas are lower. But you're right that it's not $2 (but still way less than ~$100 for petrol).

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Crazy lookin boat, but that lounge at the bow would be awesome in sh*t weather!    

I'm thinking whoever designed that grew up watching Star Trek...       https://scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/94554/why-did-warp-cores-become-vertical

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Sorry for the delay BP.

Your example is one way. But being a reaction, it may take more energy to produce than you get back. Catalysts can help, if one exists for the particular reaction.


Fractionating Hydrocarbons simply takes heat. The steam process is a controled form of applying the Heat. As a Hydrocarbon chain is heated, it moves around violently and eventually breaks creating two shorter chains. More heat causes the shorter chains to break and so on, till eventually if you apply enough heat, the shortest chain divides. But interestingly, the long chains are the ones that need higher temperatures to break them, so in fact, as the chains break and become shorter, they do not require as much heat to continue the process as you would expect.


Yet another process is being discussed here


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