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Cordless drill batteries

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Ok, so this is a bit of a thread drift and combined rant because I am having a high degree of pissed offedness at the moment.

Why is it that we can only buy junk in NZ?

The cordless drill with the dud battery about which I started this post is a 12v green Bosch, made in China. You will all throw up your hands in horror and say, 'bit of rubbish' and I agree with you. And the drill I have on the boat is an identical 12v green Bosch, made in either Germany or Switzerland - Bosch have a plant in each country. It's a good tool. The ni-cad batteries last for ages. The Chuck centres beautifully unlike the one in NZ and it runs a lot quieter. And it has a heavier, more robust feel to it.

So why do we have to put up with the Chinese made crap?

I bought two mirrors for the bikes last week. I opted for the little helmet mounted job because I prefer them but I could see straight away that the pissy little plastic stalk supporting the mirror was way to flexible but no problem, I fixed it by making a doubler out of a spoke and secured to the stalk with a bit of heat shrink. Joke opted for a bar end mirror which fell on on the first bump because the ball joint adjustment fractured. No problem, I fixed it by making a little fibreglass sleeve for it.

But it is a problem in that just about whatever you buy, you have to alter it or repair it to make it fit for the purpose. The mirrors were made by Zefal, a French company who supply our part of the world out of China and Europe out of their plant in France. Guess which product is better.

And concerning bikes, I ride a Cannondale which people who are into bikes will know is a pretty good bike. Or was. The late great American Cannondale is now made in China and is just another piece of oriental sh*t not worth the purchase price as I discovered when the rear wheel collapsed.

Boy, do we all get a bum deal in New Zealand.

End of rant.

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As you step off your soapbox, I am stepping on right behind you.
I don't get why brand names with good reputations choose to produce cheap crap and then sell it as if it were there "real" tool they originally built their reputation on. I had a 100mm angle grinder I used for polishing. It did lots of work and performed really well. I looked at the model number, a 10 and went and replaced it with another 10. One of the big stores had them on sale for $65. A real steal. It didn't stand up to the job for long before I had issues with the front bearing. I spotted the tool rep one day and said how much for another of these. He said $120 trade. Huh?? But so and so is selling them for $65. Oh they are the Chinese made versions. The 10S. They use a bronze bush/bearing in the front instead of the ball race bearing.
I was and still today, stunned. For the cost of a bearing and I guess maybe a few other points, they had two identical looking power tools and one nearly half the price that performed terribly. I also had a new Battery drill via them. Both Chuck and gearbox did not last. As a result, I never bought another of their tools. Why would you when you don't know the difference in build quality from their good tools and cheap tools other than the cost.
OK, stepping off box. It is now available for the next in line.

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