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How much sleeve on halyard above clutch?

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Here in the Northern hemisphere it is time for maintenance. One of the items on my list is to re-sleeve the main halyard. It has an 8 mm Dyneema core and the sleeve is busted where it sits in the halyard clutch.


The current sleeve extends 1.5 m above the clutch for reasons that do not apply any longer. Hence the question: How much sleeve is needed above the clutch?



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By sleeve do you mean outer cover?


Then enough to be able to human handle it. I leave the cover on all the way to the exit point in the mast. That allows good capture/holding power by a crew member or application of rolling hitch or other jammer. Also gives some abrasion protection.


If you're always winching it and never intend to hand haul it, then you only need enough for the clutch to grab.


I would also put a 30cm dyneema cover at each reefing point.


At the clutch end make the bury 400mm (50x diameter). (the reefing points don't matter as much).

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