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Genoa Luff tension - Roller Furling

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I don't use a RF anymore, but we always adjust the halyard tension for the wind and wave conditions, as well as the car (sheet lead) positions and the backstay / mast rake. In saying that, we ditched RF for hanks, and have a #1, blade jib and #3, so that we always have the right sail for the conditions, and tune the boat in until its in the grove for those conditions, even when cruising. It just makes it sweat to sail, as opposed to out of balance and a pig to sail.

I'm not sure how many people actually adjust the halyard tension on a RF, but I think playing with it will help sail shape for wind conditions, although IT's point is valid, once its roll up, its not going to do much.

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Yes fair point about when it is rolled up IT, probably not worth the worry.


- Fish the first thing I did after buying the boat was rig a cunningham on the Main, I'm thinking about doing the same for the genoa, old habits die hard :-)

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I used to ease the halyard tension at the end of the day, then had problems with the top bearing not rotating and a halyard rapped around the forestay next time we went out.

Been there done that. Now i never ease tension when furling.

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