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Covid 19 - Are you ready to raise sail outa here...?

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10 hours ago, Chrisc said:

Ignorance??  How rude. Kindly acquaint yourself with the rules. Madam PM said self isolate at home.  Good. She also said we could go out for the purposes of exercise so long as there was no interaction with anyone outside of our 'bubble'. She further elaborated on the exercise statement by saying 'you can go for a walk, go for a bike ride, go to the beach for a swim..'  She said this, mot me. So why call me ignorant because I am trying to get a full understanding of the rules in order not to violate them?

Chris, I think what’s happened here is very clear... when PM made her initial announcement we all listened and built up our own individual mental images of what lockdown life could look like including looking for the best bits within that.

Then over the last 2-3 days, we’ve had more specific guidance on the PM’s initial broad statement including clear examples of Dos & Donts. And this has created 2 camps of people:

Camp 1: still holding onto their initial view of lockdown life even if it now contravenes the new, more specific rules. Everyone who has gone sailing is in this camp. And anyone who still thinks it’s ok to drive 5-10km to their favourite beach.

Camp 2: have developed a new view of lockdown life which is far less appealing by reluctantly dropping some of the ideas we initially had. Anyone who gave up sailing plans is in this camp. Anyone who expects to only drive their car once a week to go shopping and anyone who will become very familiar with the area immediately outside their front door for a 3-5km radius.

If you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful path or beach directly outside your house then congratulations - enjoy it! But if you’re stuck in the suburbs (like me) then the police are clearly saying don’t be tempted to get in your car just for a change of scene - or expect to be stopped & challenges. Just get used to the idea and make the best of it.

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Haha, this Govt is a bunch of crayon eaters! If they were serious we would have closed the borders some time ago.

Sorry to see SNZ go. It's part of life to  try and understand different points of view.....even when you disagree!

While I disagree with some of these rules, or more to the point, I'm just disappointing I can't go sailing, now is not a time to be second guessing, now is the time to be compliant. The powers th

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11 hours ago, Black Panther said:

Im not sailing.  I am in lockdown in my home and repositioning my home to somewhere safe. 

Like I said, you’re an exception because it’s your home. And clearly moving from one place to another is part of that.

But the whole point of this thread is for the rest of us who are not liveaboards and have been grappling with the thorny issue of can we / should we go sailing during lockdown. So it’s just muddying they waters by mixing up your case with the general principle being discussed here.

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There has been a State of Emergency declared earlier today (25th March 2020) and the simple answer to fishing/boating is NO. "You only go out in your vehicle if you need to go and get essential food supplies, essential medical supplies or medical treatment. Otherwise, please stay at home," police commissioner Mike Bush said earlier today. 
All state-owned boat ramps have also been closed.
From the NZ Government Covid 19 website
What does self-isolation mean?
Self-isolation means staying at home. The Government has asked all New Zealanders to stay at home to help stop the spread of COVID-19.
You can leave your house to:
  • Access essential services, like buying groceries, or going to a bank or pharmacy.
  • Go to work if you work for an essential service.
  • Go for a walk, or exercise and enjoy nature.
If you do leave your house, you must keep a 2m distance from other people at all times. Police may be monitoring people and asking questions of people who were out and about during the lockdown to check what they were doing.
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40 minutes ago, waikiore said:

I am not convinced that by anchoring in a bay by myself or going for a drive in my open car (without stopping) by myself that I am putting anyone at risk?

The way you put that, you are probably right. But this is a collective thing. Think of the herd. All of us here want to go sailing and park up in a quiet bay. If you go, then I see that and think its ok, so I go. The next guy sees that and thinks, oh, they've gone, I'll go too, and before you know it, the bay is as jammed as Bon Accord at New Years (especially now, when absolutely everyone has nothing to do accept go boating, it will probably be more jammed than New Year, and not just for 3 or 4 days, but 28 days...)

Now, if you think of each person as a little pin-ball bouncing around (there is a good graphic on a Washington Post article showing how the virus spreads with balls bouncing randomly around, it starts with one infected, and every time a two balls contact, the infection is passed on, before long, all the balls are infected, and some balls start disappearing). The more people that are out of their homes and moving around, the increasingly greater the chance of two of you crossing paths, which increases the possibility of transmitting the virus. 

The concept that a lot of people don't get with this is of exponential growth. This isn't a linear progression, its not even a doubling every few days, exponential growth is something like X to the power of 3, or 4, or 5. That would be an increase of 500% every day. Just look at the death numbers graph for Italy, that is an exponential growth. Exponential growth means an order of magnitude increase, i.e. increasing by 10's, then 100's, then 1,000's, then 10,000's. This is how viruses and bacteria multiply. That is why e coli quantities are always reported as say 7 x 10^5, or 7 x 10 ^ 8. That is 700,000, or 700,000,000. The difference is seven hundred thousand verse 700 hundred million.

The point here is that to combat exponential growth, you need a complete and 100% shut down. Not an 80% shutdown, or a 95% shut down. The essential services still need to be out and about. They need a 0.001 % probability of running into you, not a 0.1 %, which is actually 100 times higher. You may think you are totally fine on your boat, but by being out of your home, there is a minor, infinitesimal increase in the probability of you crossing paths with an essential worker. That tiny increase in the probability of you crossing paths with an essential worker places that worker at increased risk.

That is why we must all stay at home.

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10 minutes ago, harrytom said:

New arrivals at international airports,say last 3 weeks,should of been put in forced isolation,military bases used,army navy airforce etc would a tourist a campervan isolate??NO

New I should of put that brew down earlier.

Yip, early Border controls were definitely lax and monitoring of inbounds totally inadequate.

Hindsight? I don't think so, as Herald reported many weeks ago.

Flatearthers, Trumpspheres, & now unawarers. 


Some inspirational thoughts above. Bravo. 

A gravitas check.

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10 hours ago, Priscilla II said:

You can cure ugly but you surely can’t cure dumb.

Crikey Chris get on the Google and open your eyes.


If you would check the government Covid19 website you would learn that  leaving home for exercise, walking, enjoying nature etc is permitted. My initial query as to exactly what this means  (and which appears to cause you such consternation) with regard to cycling prompted me to asked my next door neighbour just before he drove off in his police car to commence his shift. He said he didn't know but was working on the principle that solo cycling within the confines of the village was ok. Good. Clarification at last.

I note that you are still replying with derogatory terminology and innuendo which is not helpful. It is tempting to respond in a similar vein but this would be contrary to my own code of ethics with regard to forum usage.

However it has given me pause for reflection. I have been a member of this forum since March, 2013. I have not been a big poster but note that I have received 282 'likes', about 25% of my posts so I assume that I have conducted myself with at least a degree of integrity and have not rubbed too many people up the wrong way. I came to this forum with a background as a trans oceanic single handed sailor and during my tenure here have sailed, built,  cruised and lived on a number of boats.  But this has morphed over the last few years into a different set of interests whereby we now spend six months of the year canal boating in Europe and the other six months (me, anyway) hiding away in my workshop building aeroplanes. Since this is a sailing website I am really here under false pretenses. 

So, I wish you all the best. Keep sailing and enjoying the marine environment and the great outdoors in our wonderful country. Keep well and stay safe.  And that concludes my post and my forum membership.

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1 hour ago, Aleana said:

Like I said, you’re an exception because it’s your home. And clearly moving from one place to another is part of that.

But the whole point of this thread is for the rest of us who are not liveaboards and have been grappling with the thorny issue of can we / should we go sailing during lockdown. So it’s just muddying they waters by mixing up your case with the general principle being discussed here.

I would suggest that going for a holiday no. If you decided to spend the 4 weeks on board, provisioned then moved somewhere secure and stayed there and stayed aboard ok .  But just an opinion .

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