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Covid 19 - Are you ready to raise sail outa here...?

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Haha, this Govt is a bunch of crayon eaters! If they were serious we would have closed the borders some time ago.

Sorry to see SNZ go. It's part of life to  try and understand different points of view.....even when you disagree!

While I disagree with some of these rules, or more to the point, I'm just disappointing I can't go sailing, now is not a time to be second guessing, now is the time to be compliant. The powers th

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20 minutes ago, Black Panther said:

Wasn't that the case for the last 11 days?

Nope not technically.

Yesterday they finally releases the instructions given to the police on what they can and can't do under their new powers around the virus. The Police have been a bit shall we say 'enthusiastic' in wielding their power, so much so they have been wielding a lot they don't actually have.  The Police do not have the right to just stop a car and ask them what they are up to unless the people in the car have Covid. How they are supposed to know that who knows but knee jerk does create WTF like situations.

While I doubt many have too many problems with the polices actions it has become quite apparent some where in the line of command someone's got a bit of a stiffy on with their new found powers and have gone a wee OTT in telling their minions how to exercise them.

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May as well set to sea, less dangerous out there than visiting the latest Covid dispensary aka supermarkets. Staff found with Covid and have had it up to 10 days, ouch!!!

No surprise, it was only a matter of time, just like the mass NZ wide infection that is lurking and is ready to pounce.

Time for Team KM to change it's game. 

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After supermarkets started dispensing Covid and knowing life can't be locked up for weeks, months on end without very bad consequences we bailed out and gave gone genuinly isolated not the pretend that is the virusburbs. Not really, we were coming north anyway, and planned to prior to the virus arriving, but were trying to time it just right as we have no house here yet, it was suppose to start last mondsy, bum. It looks like we made the call just at the right time, I dragged one out yesterday, a bouncing bobby, and pretty sure the herd will grow by 2 more today, hopefully girlies. Roads were quiet out of town, mostly trucks. 0 cops but more speed camera vans than ever seen before by a BIG number. Off to fix a couple of gates now, we had visitors at 3am, the noisy shits.

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Instead of replying in marine talk and buggering that thread.Well Km what do plan ?? Seeing how you made the remark 6 posters won't be happy until those breaking the rules wear yellow stars.I for one do not see why one would not do what is advised.Being  the self proclaimed

expert or main critic on most subjects what is your plan??

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 To HT, sorry the software won't let me quote you, no idea why but it did it the other day as well.


Firstly as I don't move to the other side of the YC bar when changing topics or talk breakfast at one end of the kitchen but dinner only at the other, plus I regard all comments here pretty much as chatting in a bar or kitchen so you'll have to excuse my struggle with yet another of Crews very artifical unlife like quirks. Like this random emoji thing that's popped up and will not delete or the inability to write 'The' at the start if the next para or the spell checker randomly changing words to what appears to be Mongolian Spanglish.👍

he number 6 was pulled out of my bum just for shits n giggles. It gave at least one person something new to ponder for a minute or so when under house arrest ;) But that is not saying a number here do very much appear well over the top in fascist desires when there is a far bigger end goal required.


What is more important?

A - stopping all movement of people

B - Narking on someone going about a perfectly safe and proven so action

C - stopping physical interaction between humans

I'll give you a hint, its C and ONLY C.

So as long as that happens while being more cautious about how we each do possible edgyish things then what's the f**king problem?

The Accidents and etc calls are like the PMs sales pitch that if you looked over at the neighbour 30,000 would die, they are nothing but prime grade a export quality spin. The stats show boating is FAR safer than ladders to name one simple very very common item found in all homes. With everyone stuck at home ladders are far far more likely to cause an accident than someone out cruzing on their boat. Have you heard a call not to use a ladder? What about the kitchen jug or your sex toys? Both cause more doctors visits than considered boating. Yeap sex toys, it came out about 3 months ago as WTF as it is, yet rather amusing. I can name a shitload more examples of how being house bound is far more dangerous than boating, so can ACC and they have big lists. Also consider boating call outs, what are the majority? I've run out if fuel, my motor is broken I need a tow like things. Are those the realm of considered cruisers or tin fizz nasties? Who is out  there cruisers or tin fizz nasties?

It seems basic common sense has been replaced with wildly inaccurate speculation and spin bigger than the plant earth.

What we all have to do is very simple, DO NOT GET IN EACH OTHERS PHYSICAL SPACES. It can be done many ways as long as you are wise and take a little extra caution. It can also be done in Bon Accord just as effectively as it can be in your dunny.


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You think that is bad KM. Up here we have Maori blocking the beach and road  access to to The south end of Waitangi. ( By the round about before the settlement/bridge or Paihia north end)

You can't even stroll down the beach without these illegal road/beach blocks stopping you walking on the beach.

I confronted them as to how me walking on the beach, away from their people by at least 50 metres, was going to pass C19 to their people. They just ignored that and said I can't pass.

I asked them if they considered their own people leaving their area to shop at the local contdown, then returning, was a threat.

They said, "we hadn't thought of that"

They are also taking photos of people who return past their blocks (obviously walked into the area before these guys hangovers we're slept off and the blocks we're put up) and publicly shaming them on Facebook. ... But, it appears, only the Pakeha's.

Funny thing is they are only there when it's sunny, and during the day.

One day they didn't start until 12pm..

Police, are no where to be seen.

I wonder, . .if they get C19,( in the BOI area first),  can we put up a block to keep them in their area?…..

Can't see a reason why not...



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