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Covid 19 - Are you ready to raise sail outa here...?

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Haha, this Govt is a bunch of crayon eaters! If they were serious we would have closed the borders some time ago.

Sorry to see SNZ go. It's part of life to  try and understand different points of view.....even when you disagree!

While I disagree with some of these rules, or more to the point, I'm just disappointing I can't go sailing, now is not a time to be second guessing, now is the time to be compliant. The powers th

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Sock puppet #2 is in the house already.

Looks like Sailing NZ has just changed his name to Stay Tuned, and is merrily awarding vote points.

Armchair, yes, it is a good thing to share and understand different points of view, it expands the mind and gives insight into things you wouldn't otherwise understand. Without it, we'd be living in an echo chamber. But there is a way to do it though. Actually following the forum rules is kind of fundamental, as is politely dissagreeing, and sharing opposing views in a civil way. Being belligerent and confrontational isn't sharing a view. Even his original thread for advice on a 40 footer, people would offer opinions or advice, and he would generally dismiss the advice out of hand or criticise it. I never once saw him actually thank anyone for a suggestion, make a constructive comment or get some back and forth going on what could work for a solution. No problem with opposite political and world views, its how he goes about it that is the problem.

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