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Covid 19 - Are you ready to raise sail outa here...?

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If you love both fight club & sailing, there's always sailing anarchy?

I enjoy the more relaxed & friendly environment here on Crew, and sorely miss posters like Chris & his canal boating series, who get shouted down & then out by ar@*holes.

I consider it a privilege to participate here, and aspire to emulate the calm & serene contributions of some of our more articulate members.

And ultimately, there's probably only room for one KM, and the space is taken!


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Haha, this Govt is a bunch of crayon eaters! If they were serious we would have closed the borders some time ago.

Sorry to see SNZ go. It's part of life to  try and understand different points of view.....even when you disagree!

While I disagree with some of these rules, or more to the point, I'm just disappointing I can't go sailing, now is not a time to be second guessing, now is the time to be compliant. The powers th

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1 hour ago, Steve Pope said:

BK, having seen 3 year old stainless chain, supposedly good quality out of Europe, with every weld full of porosity I would suggest you re-consider Galvanised, not perhaps so bling like but a cheaper / better choice in the long run.

I know exactly what that's all about and like to explain why but that would breach the sites rules sorry.



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48 minutes ago, Knot Me... maybe said:

I know exactly what that's all about and like to explain why but that would breach the sites rules sorry.



Gosh, Kme you know me, I would never expect or ask you to break any rules.

I know, there several ways the SS chain could have got the way it was, and it did, so it was replaced with good old galv from a classy rope & anchor outfit on the shore

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