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So after picking up a bottle or 2 of sipping rum at last years coastal, i;ve become a convert to drinking nice rum neat.

So far I gone through 3 different bottles 

Mt Gay 1703 - at 45% the smell off this stuff is almost overwhelming., lots of flavour and depth,  and nice drinking. possibly a bit bitter, but never stopped me having another. Nice? Yes, worth almost $200 a bottle, hmmm not convinced but as I didn;t pay for it I'm not complaning

Angostura 1919, at a third of the price of the 1709 this is a really easy drinking rum,,  not much bitterness and a nice flavour. Wierdly though it didn't seem to keep. The second half of the bottle seemed to get quite harsh, does rum oxidise in an opened bottle?

Just started on some Mt gay XO. wasn;t overly impressed to begin with, but dropping an ice cube into it seems to have made a big difference. really taken the edge off and mellowed it out.

Interested in some suggestions as I'm kind of buying blind at the moment

Living in west auckland, I've found buying through whiskeyandmore.co.nz to be massivly cheaper than the local bottle shops, wifey is into her whiskey and put me onto them, the shipping costs is pretty minimal!



Oh and for rum* to get drunk with, the Barcadi OakHeart Spiced, with a bit of dry ginger is fantastic

* its not actually rum, just flavoured alcohol, but still pretty drinkable:) 



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Guest 000

Back In the days before alcohol decided it was going to start beating me up I was very partial to a drop of rum which, as you have discovered, should be consumed neat. Perhaps a drop of water mixed in if you must but definitely not coke.

Try Lambs Navy Rum for a darned good tot!

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Guest 000

And don't forget, rum has proven benefits in impeding the transmission of the virus.        Well ok, maybe not but when you're reaching for your third rum  of the evening and the wife is starting to frown at you, you can always justify another drop by saying that you read someplace from an authorative source that rum is beneficial in these difficult times. No need to degrade your argument by saying that you read it here and from me.

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I was given a bottle of Ron Zacapa Centenario 23yo made in Guatemala.

I was sceptical, very much so but it's bloody good, very much so. They age it 'above the clouds' in the highlands cool and say to drink it neat over ice to bring it to the temp it was aged at. They are right, it works and works very well.


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