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Corona virus statistics and reality

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I have read some very strange things about covid.  So first, yes it's real. And yes if you read reputable medical information you will probably be closer to the truth than a lot of other sources.

It’s a chance for horse face to put her ugly mug on tv every day now and the sheeple will Lao it up , perfect for re electing this clueless under performing team for the finishing touches on screwing

I think some are allowing their irrational dislike of Jacinda to leak into irrational thought processes regarding the handling of the pandemic.   As I understand,  get R below one. Cautiously ope

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3) There are several strains of BCG vaccination and Soviet/Japan/Brazil strains may be the most effective against the novel coronavirus.

"We cultured six BCG strains (Connaught, Danish, Glaxo, Japanese, Pasteur, and Tice)"

nz used the same strain as the uk, which is the danish strain


japan developed their own, which PERHAPS offers better immunity to viral lung diseases 





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how can it be determined if someone has recovered without even being tested. This reads like a Monty Python script


and as an aside, this country is facing its worst ever health/economic crisis and the bloody Minister of Health (Dr Who) loads his mountain bike into his van for a spot of trail riding this week


really setting a good example and in any event why is he not in Wellington working 12-16hr days on this? Just shows how irrelevant he is yet we are paying him a $300k+ salary!

The fact that even Stuff is running stories criticising this government shows how much they are going off the rails.

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15 hours ago, Black Panther said:

So what would you do if you were the govt and only one person had died but all the expert advice you were receiving was that some tens of thousands would die if you didn't take these measures? 

Fire all of those who claimed to be an expert, especially those who over inflate numbers.

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When we lived in the USA we made friends through my son's school mates with a nurse practitioner.  In some parts of the USA they can run their own practices and prescribe antibiotics etc.

We still keep in touch and and she has run 316 drive through COVID19 tests (with her staff) in the last 3 weeks.  100 per week, NZ could just scrape up 80 last Sunday.......

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Who's exaggerating numbers?

Anyone with half a brain can see the positives are under represented by our testing methodology/ kit /staff availability.

.Marist school cluster now 57.

If that doesn't send an enquire caution,  the need to know whats going on,  then you are not fit to serve the

public. Numbers don't lie, frames of reference do.

Rather, skew objectivity.


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