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Corona virus statistics and reality

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2 hours ago, ScottiE said:

Skegg also said that he still did not see the benefit of random testing.

Is he still correct?

Test all ,may not show symptoms but can be a carrier,but how do you test a carrier as it lays dormant??

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I have read some very strange things about covid.  So first, yes it's real. And yes if you read reputable medical information you will probably be closer to the truth than a lot of other sources.

It’s a chance for horse face to put her ugly mug on tv every day now and the sheeple will Lao it up , perfect for re electing this clueless under performing team for the finishing touches on screwing

I don't agree and if you read the rest of what she said, she explains about the tolerance. IMO the govt have done a pretty good job at this point, in a difficult situation, with the resources we

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1 hour ago, harrytom said:

Test all ,may not show symptoms but can be a carrier,but how do you test a carrier as it lays dormant??

I believe only 3 days they tell me who listen to Bloomfield 2300 hrs daily reports and other reports from reasonably intelligent groups from all around the world dealing with this thing / monster sent to WHO and officials who are experienced in their fields  scrutinise and advise Governments how best deal with situations who in tern probably send reports on how they are / what they r experiencing. Like W.H.O. now advise except in certain circumstances there is no need for the wider general public to wear masks in fact they claim it will increase the risk in catching the virus as most people are adjusting them touching their noses and faces when they could have touched infected surfaces especially at super markets and convenience stores. Most of the railings where people que are lined with stainless steel railings, doors handles . It's common for people to sit / rest on those railings while waiting in the que. I have never seen them being sanistised like inside at the cashier area and payment machines in fact not at all. It does not matter if you r wearing hygiene gloves.

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58 minutes ago, harrytom said:

Test all ,may not show symptoms but can be a carrier,but how do you test a carrier as it lays dormant??

Where did you get that from? Carrier with dormant Cov19?

Asymptomatic, but tests positive for it do you mean?

Or someone who has got over it but still a carrier with dormant Cov19 waiting for opportune moment to fire up again? Heaven forbid.

1000/5M x 10k= 2

Random sample of 10k of whole pop including current positives and compare with two.

Would be interesting if nothing else.

Of course 1000 +ve'ers /5M is a skewed sample.

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18 hours ago, Sailing NZ said:

If you haven't got the gist if my points now and bit understood the differing testing Targets between your examples them there is no point now repeating the logic of my argument.

Let just see where this ends up.. then re evaluate what happened at why.

It's got Notting to do with it.

The people coming from overseas before they are allowed to go self isolation they must submit a full report of where they have been submit a plan on what they expect they will do with full personal details home pH and cell phone numbers and other comprehensive details. If the nz authorities think it had short comings they do not allow home isolation. The police give a copy to the probably a signed section giving them permission to do so, who ( the police monitor them daily with the assets they have at their disposal. You cannot compare nz,s low infection rate detection on the numbers of confirmed and probable cases with our test to that of the USA or Italy which their situation is totally different.

Perhaps u should give your resume to WHO . You could be on the way to a all expenses paid $500,000 job. 😎

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8 hours ago, Black Panther said:

A few states, i think Ohio included, are calling on vets to join medical staff. 

Sure, why not? After all . . 

What do you call a veterinarian who can only treat one species?

A Doctor. 

(Full disclosure - I stole that joke) 

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it would appear 1 of the important signs to look for in going back to level 3 on schedule will be

3 consecutive days where the number of patients recovered is higher than the number of new cases

today we had 54 new cases but 65 recovered

so that's the first day

watch those numbers for tomorrow and the next day and if the trend is maintained expect noises about going to level 3 after the initial 4 weeks is up

at least that's my take on the 5.30pm prime news that austria is the first european nation to drop back to 3 after recording 3 such days


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