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Corona virus statistics and reality

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I have read some very strange things about covid.  So first, yes it's real. And yes if you read reputable medical information you will probably be closer to the truth than a lot of other sources.

It’s a chance for horse face to put her ugly mug on tv every day now and the sheeple will Lao it up , perfect for re electing this clueless under performing team for the finishing touches on screwing

I don't agree and if you read the rest of what she said, she explains about the tolerance. IMO the govt have done a pretty good job at this point, in a difficult situation, with the resources we

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In the US wild west version of capitalism  . .  

we have wound up with Corona-V tests that are defective, or outright fraudulent 

just thought that information might be useful to you if you know people who are in the US now . .  

I'm sure Jacinda would never allow such a thing in Aotearoa 


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Isn't all that fraud over your way to do with the POTUS plugging bogus cures like hydroxychloroquine in his official press conferences, stopping Fauci from answering questions on whether it works or not, whilst he or his family own shares in the company that makes it?

Some would say you are suffering a vacuum of leadership,  others would say the POTUS is failing very successfully, with his strong capability to blame everyone else, while also managing to profit out of the crisis. Its China's fault, it's the WHO's fault, fire Fauci, he's so competent he's making everyone else in the WH look  bad....

Just forget about who shut down the US's department for pandemic planning 2 years ago.

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On 14/04/2020 at 5:48 AM, erice said:

Thornley said the evidence thus far showed eradication of the virus in New Zealand, the Government's stated aim, was not necessary. 

"Lockdown was appropriate when there was so little data...but the data is now clear, this is not the disaster we feared and prepared for. Elimination of this virus is likely not achievable and is not necessary."

Thornley said the risk to most working people was low and likened it, for most people, to a seasonal influenza virus. 

He said the plan was developed amid concern the Government's strategy was over-the-top and likely to "substantially harm the nation's long term health and well being, social fabric, economy and education".


A bit of context on the article from Gerard Ottto


Media undermining Public Health

Virginia Fallo, from Stuff wrote an article today - titled : "Lockdown rules should be relaxed, health experts say"

Virginia wrote that, "A group of public health experts has broken ranks on the Government's lockdown strategy, calling for a return to near-normal life in two weeks. The group said that from 22 April, when the current lockdown period is due to end, New Zealand should drop to "level two" alert."

The Group of Health Experts appears to be led by Auckland University's Senior Lecturer of Epidemiology Simon Thornley and Stuff mentioned the names of five other academics who back the plan to go to level two. A quick look at the expertise of the so called Group of Health experts reveals that none of them specialise in infectious disease epidemiology - nor emerging infectious diseases - nor pandemic influenza and how it can be contained. Instead Dr Simon Thornley - ( not even a Professor ) specialises in low carbohydrate and low sugar approaches to diet, and links to acute rheumatic fever in children. So he is hardly an authority on Covid-19 and what the nation should do in a pandemic.

Likewise other members of this "Group of Experts" have no direct expertise nor qualifications at all when it comes to infectious diseases.

Professor Grant Schofield, AUT - is actually far more interested in Sport having once been a successful triathlete - and he specialises in reducing risks from obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes - by activity and good nutrition. Then there's Grant Morris - a lawyer - actually more of a legal historian who Stuff have characterised as a Health expert. Then there's people who specialise in experimental economics being tagged under the headline of "Health experts".

The fact is none of these fellows are specialists in the exact discipline New Zealand needs to listen to right now - and Stuff really should have made this much more obvious.

Plus there are 55 staff members in the University of Auckland's epidemiology and Biostatistics Department of which only one is supporting the Group's plan.

Why did Stuff not explicitly point out this context?

Maybe follow up with the views of the Head of Department?

Too lazy, too stupid or just up to no good for a headline?

Take your pick.

It gets worse.

Another in the group of "Health experts" wanting to race to level 2 now - three weeks into Lockdown is - Professor Ananish Chaudhuri. He specialises in gender leadership - like whether females and males adopt different strategies when they are the boss. Curiously the ring leader of this Group - Simon Thornley and Professor Chaudhuri BOTH featured in Newshub's attack on David Clark back on 24 May 2019 - over the failure to ban sugary drinks.

Yes Duncan Garner and company had the same "health experts" on the AM Show, acting as media voices - which could suggest these sugar and diet experts are being trotted out ...as the "Same Old Group" whenever media needs to undermine the Government?

To cap it off - Stuff did not mention that Hokkaido just issued a second state of emergency declaration on Sunday.

This second wave - follows the first one which lasted for THREE WEEKs. The population went into lockdown for three weeks - before the population started to mix again prematurely - with limits like level 2. Schools in Sapporo, which have gradually resumed classes since April 6, will be closed again from Tuesday to May 6.

Stuff did not point out that these so called NZ "Health experts" are trying to take New Zealand down the same road as Hokkaido - leading to a second wave of infections just around the corner.

Think of the costs in human lives and money then?

New Zealanders are witnessing the same old media failings. The same old group of media contacts in academia - are being trotted out with a megaphone - to influence public opinion in irresponsible directions. These people are a fringe minority and not in the appropriate field of specialisation. They are not experts in infectious diseases - they are very nawty little boys - just like Gareth Morgan - who is now accusing real experts in infectious diseases - of being ignorant leg-irons - because of the money investors ( like himself ) are now losing.

"Stay the course" - were the words of our Prime Minister and stick to the elimination strategy - advised by our real top experts in infectious diseases - like Professor Michael Baker.

I am onboard with that. But I also expect more from media at times like these. Virginia Fallo should have told us :

1. How many virologists are in the "Group of Health Experts" versus the far greater number not in the Group?

2. What exactly is each of the "Health Experts" area of expertise - rather than leaving it dangling and unspecified?

3. What happens when you go to level 2 too early? See Hokkaido.

It is irresponsible of media to publish a "click bait headline" around this type of messaging during a global pandemic and not supply the total context and details.

This irresponsible, cavalier attitude - should be laid at the feet of the editor in chief at Stuff.

What is he going to do about it?

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Ottto is a Labour party shill who has a crush on the PM.

A nice piece to support the Govts call this arvo, which appears after reading Gerards comments, will be more of the same with a token lift in a few areas.

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Hospo and mass retail is going to continue to take a big hit even at level 3, the malls and shops inside are staing down the barrel of the gun.

If manufacturing and construction are opened back up then that will at least get a good chunk money flowing back around the economy, no boating yet through :(


6 positives from 3000 tests though is a promising sign, especially with sentinel testing kicking off. Yes the nasal test isn't conclusive, but its better than nothing and will provide some insight

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75% increase in testing yesterday over the day before.  I worked out that if they'd tested to capacity over the last 7 days there would have been an extra 20k tests in the system to better understand viral penetration.  Consequently they would have been in a much better position to understand whether or not the virus has infact been stopped outside of the larger cluster infection bursts.  Hence the need to move to Lockdown 3.8 instead of 2! Oh well.

"After the weekend holiday, Positivity rate continues to drop - and that's a good thing!"



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