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Corona virus statistics and reality

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I have read some very strange things about covid.  So first, yes it's real. And yes if you read reputable medical information you will probably be closer to the truth than a lot of other sources.

It’s a chance for horse face to put her ugly mug on tv every day now and the sheeple will Lao it up , perfect for re electing this clueless under performing team for the finishing touches on screwing

I don't agree and if you read the rest of what she said, she explains about the tolerance. IMO the govt have done a pretty good job at this point, in a difficult situation, with the resources we

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Here's a way of looking at the numbers that's a little different, rather than tracking against date, it measures new cases vs the number of existing cases.(mew cases are on a 7 day rolling average, daily had too much noise)


Basically while the line is straight there is no change to the spread of the disease, and the rate of it spreading seems to be the same pretty much everywhere. What is does show really well is when the spread of the disease is halted. ( or in some cases when the countries stop reporting)

We'll soon see if the lockdown has had the desired effect, although its a bit early to tell yet


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Assuming the lock down does what it is designed to do, stop the spread of the virus. All good and dandy but surely when everyone gets parole won't the virus then go into party hard mode and barrel though the streets nailing people hand over fist, meaning the lock down is only delaying the inevitable?

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A few key questions to consider

1. What is the criteria to determine an end to the lockdown? One person's commentary


2. How is the economy going to be kick started back into life? You can be pretty sure most in the government with their socialist ideology will see this as an opportunity to tax everything that moves, and things that don't (think death duties) as well.  Increased taxation sucking money out of a fragile economy will be the worst move possible, we need to get money circulating, people spending to allow businesses to get back on their feet again. Consider the tourism industry, massive earner and employer for the country, there is not going to be much inbound tourism for the next year so we need to be left with a bit of money in our pockets for some discretionary spending.

3. When are Gruppenfuhrer Bush's seemingly unlimited powers going to be retracted, this guy seems to be operating without any checks and balances. Where is the Minister of Police, never hear a peep from him?

4. Also where is the Minister of Health, Dr Who - the invisible man? 

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40 minutes ago, Black Panther said:

WTF has this to do with abortion? 

no need to be rude . . . 

Simply a statistic to place into context the predicted total human death toll (accurate or otherwise) of the WCV which our government considers unnacceptable with last year's human abortion death toll which our government has no problem with.

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