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Corona virus statistics and reality

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10 hours ago, Sabre said:

I would like to know who David Clark has found accountable for this monumental screw up that could cost billions of dollars and thousands of lives.

If he hasn't pinned down who is responsible by now and fired them then he really needs to step aside and let someone competent oversee the job.

Clark is the minister, he is the one who is accountable. You know, "the buck stops here " sort of thing.

I do appreciate that is a bit of a foreign concept with this hopeless government.


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I have read some very strange things about covid.  So first, yes it's real. And yes if you read reputable medical information you will probably be closer to the truth than a lot of other sources.

It’s a chance for horse face to put her ugly mug on tv every day now and the sheeple will Lao it up , perfect for re electing this clueless under performing team for the finishing touches on screwing

I don't agree and if you read the rest of what she said, she explains about the tolerance. IMO the govt have done a pretty good job at this point, in a difficult situation, with the resources we

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trans-tasman travel bubble as good as dead until 2021 now victorian daily cases spike into double figures again with 50%? unknown community transmission


meanwhile having worked through the high-travel parts of the world covid is getting a 2nd wind in the low-travel areas

for trump, this means the rural, republican states...



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I must admit I get frustrated with the media beating this up. Siouxie Wiles (who actually IS an infectious diseases expert) said on Nat Radio yesterday that the requirement of a test at the end of 14 days is more about making the public feel happier. Covid is infectious for 3 to 6 days. After 14 days the risk is minimal to non existant. Personally I'm happy for there to be a test at the end but the media beating this up as an epic fail is just BS. Regardless of what you think of the government, they have always taken advice from the MOH. They would not say you don't need a test unless that was true.

I do agree that it was a balls up letting those sheila's out. But mainly because they didn't do as they were told, and then lied.

It was good to get the army involved. They won't put up with that sort of BS

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i agree it's foolish to demand quarantined people stay 2mtrs away from everyone in hotel courtyards and park walks etc.

but i think it's problematic that returnees from high risk areas don't appear to need to wear masks for the hours they spend sitting next to each other on planes

and weren't given masks to wear on the long bus trip to rotorua

esp. now it seems 1 of them almost immediately diagnosed with covid and they are having to backtrack and monitor closely the people who were immediately around them for the last 24hrs?

1 of japan's first spreaders, in february, was a taxi driver who transfered tourists to an airport

recently i think they have started testing our quarantine bus drivers but it should really have been part of the program from the very beginning

there's around one million 'kiwis' living overseas, including at least half a million in Australia, who have the right to simply turn up and expect re-entry.




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What dumbase software, can't delete quotes?????? .....lets try again... (edit, found how to delete whole post, a bit MM but worked)

On 25/06/2020 at 8:10 AM, marinheiro said:

so 51 of the 55 early releases from isolation were not tested


I cannot see how anyone can now kid themselves that this government has any control of the situation


As our family is currently in isolation awaiting test results due to what can ONLY be described as utter incompedence I do have to agree with you, it is a shambles.

Got D2 out of quarintine last week, days after her 14 days was up due to the Government deciding 2 hrs before she was due to be released, they were actualy going to do what they have said they have been doing for 4 weeks, test everyone. That caused a huge sh*t fight when 20 odd people in her hotel were told 'Na, ya gotta stay'. Tears, 2 people did a runner butthe plods caught them, the nurse got smacked, a few were heard teling laywers to serve papers on the Govt for imprisoning people against their will and the cops arrved. This is at the good people tame hotel, word was up the road 200 went a bit septic and cops were seen in precautionary roit gear. When I asked her why weren't you tested earlier she said they were offered testing but were told if there was anything or even the slightest doubt of a positive they would be transfered to the hotal at the airport. As the word going around inside quarintine that place is pretty much a dulicate of the medical wing at Paremoemo prison everyone said 'No thanks, to mush risk'. So no one got tested.

But after what was a f**king joke of the first order due to bullshit like this. The gurads of these hotels ahve been told to watch out for media so they do things like bus those in quarintine 70mts for a walk just so no photos of these people, behind 6ft fences, can get out. Can't linger on top floor decks incase media have a chopper. We, mun and dad, were told we can't stand for more than 4 minutes in the middle of a very busy bottom of CDB footpath as media may get a photo of us 'lingering' so every 5 minute we had to wlk 50mts down the foot[ath and back, not an easy task in rush hour. The focus is on the media not the inhabitents. Anyway friday night we got D1 out and to a wine bar where she quickly traumatised the cellar. All done dusted and 7 weeks of trying to get home has come to a end, tankfully.

Tuesday morning arrives and D1 is sniffling a bit, jokes made about her having covid. The day continued as it's just morning sniffle so nothing much.......or is it? Around mid afternoon D1 gets comms from a mate still in quarintine saying they just foind out the 2 bus loads of people that arrived in the hotel on Wednesday night did not come from another hotel as they were told, they had come straight off a inbound aircraft.

WTF??? some utter moron of a Government put people from offshore and quite possibly infected in a hotel where they could mix freely with people within hours of finishing their quarintine. Who could possiblty be so f**king stupid yet not be classified as clinically brain dead, a Government seriously stuggling with image maintenace as it pans out.

So with a few things on this weekend that do involve being around those more vunerable onto the MoH covid line we get. Told them the story, they went 'Oh sh*t' and organsied urgent testing, in the meantime isolate the family. 24hrs later the testing happend, results in 48hrs or less. Now 75 hours later and still nothing. The medical told us an hour ago they are now testing 9500 people a day, very good and about bloody time.......BUT they can only process 5-6000 tests a day...Oh f**king joy a massive backlog.

So no going to the once a year things that are on tonight, even being the boss of one of the organisations plus the huge party put on by mates to celabrate D1's return will happen without a D1.  It's a family night in, 2 bottles of Gin have been given Last Rights in preperation.

The Government is wrong, the media are correct, it is a shambles and a f**king big one.



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