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Here's an email I got from my marina.

Madame, Monsieur,

Nous vous informons qu'en raison du coup de vent de Nord Est enregistré ces dernières heures, une ronde a été effectuée ce jour par le personnel technique des marinas sur l'ensemble des deux ports de plaisance (Moulin Blanc et Château), à flot et à terre.

Quelques amarrages ont dû être repris mais nous n'avons pas enregistré de dégâts particuliers.

Malgré les obligations de confinement auxquelles nous sommes tous confrontés, nous restons vigilants afin que la surveillance des marinas soit réalisée dans les meilleures conditions possibles dans ce contexte si particulier.

Chaque soir et chaque nuit, un rondier intervient sur les deux marinas. Une surveillance via la vidéo est également réalisée à distance.

Dans l'attente de vous revoir très vite sur les pontons, nous vous souhaitons bon courage pour passer ce cap difficile.

Bien cordialement,


Which roughly translates as:

There was a gale, we checked everything and secured a few boats.

There was no damage.

At this time, we have remote surveillance and we also check everything 2x a day,  because we know you guys can't, so please don't worry.

Hope to see you all again soon.


How're NZ marinas handling the lockdown?



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I've just had the second berth user of a large prominent marina say they got a call from the marina saying they had checked their boats and they are all fine. All good and nice to hear they are b

Had a nice call from Westhaven staff today asking if there was anything they could check on/do on my yacht. After asking whether they'd mind sanding the brightwork and applying a  few coats of va

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They are still taking my money....

In all seriousness westhaven still has dockmasters and security onsite, plus the liveaboards down my end going for their morning walk will probably keep an eye out for issues as well.


All in all I'm pretty comfortable I'll be informed if there is anything essential which actually needs attention

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Remember, you are renting a Hole in the Water. You may think the extra services are there for the Berth Holder, but in reality, they are not. They are there to maintain smooth operation of the Marina, not necessarily a service to the Berth Holder. So don't expect any reduction in Marina Fees. One would assume, but we all know who we are dealing with, so don't expect.

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Call through to the management at Westhaven Marina office regarding access to retrieve essential supplies and check on boats welfare was met with a curt reply that although they frowned on but could not prevent this happening after pointedly mentioning they did not have access to handcuffs and powers of arrest.

Must of been a case of wishful thinking by the same over zealous employee I and my wife have previously encountered in the past. 





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Had a nice call from Westhaven staff today asking if there was anything they could check on/do on my yacht.

After asking whether they'd mind sanding the brightwork and applying a  few coats of varnish (they refused - how rude😀 ) I thanked them for calling.

Nice to know they're still on the ball.

With all due respect, some of you on this thread, and others, seem to have a very jaundiced view of Westhaven staff. I've had a yacht at Westhaven for 15 years and the staff have been nothing but courteous and helpful. If approached properly.


And bear in mind the staff down there are also under pressure at the moment. Maybe a bit of leeway needs to be given, everyone has a rough day every now and then.



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