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What is Russell Coutts up to..

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11 hours ago, wal said:

....and.... by the sound of it....... pushing a more "let's have fun and just go sailing" approach than the raceracerace brigade


Which works for me..

Yeah and it’s great to see you guys being fun ambassadors down at the local . The return for sailing as whole is far greater than spending millions on a select few to go to the olympics 

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3 hours ago, AJ Oliver said:

He was a key part (from skipper to head honcho) is what, five consecutive AC victories? Six? 

I doubt that will ever be equaled. 

I met his smarter brother once when he dropped into our club - very unassuming and gracious person. 

3 wins as skipper equal with Charlie Barr on the water.

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3 hours ago, Priscilla II said:

On the sherry all ready...




Is that a statement or question?...

Try to moderate your drinking eh!

Not even close.

Coutts by a country mile followed by Ainsley. Then Conner.

I don't rate the 49er ahead of the finn.

The finn is a tougher class to win.



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