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17 million to islands

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Yep this. I guess some just cant see the bigger picture 

He fails to understand most South Pacific island economies are in deficit without funding from foreign countries. They would find it difficult to borrow and repay if they did borrow the repayments wou

Charity begins at home. Don't kid yourself about Pacific Islands ,loyalty, integrity etc. They'll take it any way, and from any one at anytime. NZ definitely needs to concentrate on its own internal c

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Tonga got a rather helping hand from China 2019


In the capital, Nuku’alofa, government officials work in a shiny new office block — an $11 million gift from China that is rivaled in grandeur only by China’s imposing new embassy complex.

Dozens of Tongan bureaucrats take all-expenses-paid training trips to Beijing each year, and China has laid out millions of dollars to bring 107 Tongan athletes and coaches to a training camp in China’s Sichuan province ahead of this month’s Pacific Games in Samoa.

Pricilla ii and Sabre are on the money with China wanting a south pacific port.Every year thousands of vessels leave China fish the pacific.They have no rights down here but aid$(cough) seems to make it right.Ben ongoing since about 2010 and we are virtually powerless to stop them.



I suspect China only stepped in due to being caught y our navy??


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You mean you don't have to treat crew posters as less intelligent, more delicate and bigger softcocks than kids in a Kindy?

Woww, that is a big change.

Welcome to the real world Crew.Org. it took a while but you got there in the end.


But there are a lot of woke and delusionists here so sadly I don't believe a word of that.

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35 minutes ago, Knot Me... maybe said:

Looks like your not in the right club NZS. Some have been given holidays from Crew for far less than whats been thrown at you.

Yes, a few of the " pass aggs" don't like the facts or truth As they comfort themselves with warm fuzzzies of backing a cause that they don't understand in the belief it make me them look empathetic to the masses.

Bit like Cindy doing a hongi to the conficted murderour Titiwhae Harawera in order to look cool to the radical while pissing off the quite morally honourable.

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