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Number 1 for me BP what choice did they?

No one knows which way the virus will go or how combat it with no vaccines on the horizon.hell of a position to be in.borders open hasnt worked closed borders at least minimising new cases and able to contain new cases providing we do what is asked,no or little movement/contact.

Sad having 4 deaths and they were covid 19 positive but had underlying health issues,if the virus was not present would they still of died,something for the medical experts to look at.

If the Govt on 20th April decides to go level 3 we still need to limit contact,business will open but one in one out policy will remain,no gatherings and public areas still closed,playgrounds,schools.

With the covid and getting cooler I expect to see a few more deaths unfortunately

Travel will or hopefully be limited,airports/borders need to remain tight/restrict access and test everyone entering and still keep 14 day isolation period.

I know when we do go L3 I will only be part time hrs

Will we have a general election this year or will they just have a coalition Govt and bridges has said He will work with the current Govt in a coalition.


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It is with great sadness that I have to mention the loss of a few further local businesses around the town. The bra manufacturer has gone bust, the specialist in submersibles has gone under, the m

Looks like there are alot of people with fancy/nonsensical titles and exorbitant salaries sitting in Auckland Council and its CCO's. The list council tried to stop the Ratepayers Alliance publishing

30% of turnover, not profit. You have to 'try' to retain staff past the 12weeks the hand out is for. Its basically free money, go fill ya boots. Why? Because when the virus is dealt with the PM, who d

1 hour ago, tuffyluffy said:

Does anyone know how many people this virus has killed that had a life expectancy of 3+ years prior to infection?

If we're to determine the best path forward, surely you'd need to understand the consequence of doing nothing first?

Yip. Logic would say that Cindy, Bloomfield, and hopefully some independent advisors have looked at this. .... But looking at what they have done so far..   don't hold your breath.

Also considering all our deaths are oldies yet the biggest age group to be infected Is youngies, suggests you could do nothing except isolate the oldies until a vaccine is found...   But that is easier Cindy'd than done,


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"This is an unprecedented crisis... you don't resolve it by taking control right back into a tight little group, effectively accountable to nobody, making decisions affecting all of us, and expecting us to meekly fall into line."

Dunne said he never thought he would see a New Zealand where citizens were being encouraged to "snitch" on their fellow Kiwis - and had actively done so over the past four weeks.

He said such a move reminded him of George Orwell's 1984 and what a totalitarian society would look like. "And it's not New Zealand," he said.

Winston Churchill's war-time speeches were made to Parliament, not press conferences, Dunne said. The momentous decisions were made by Parliament, not officials.

Parliament's epidemic response committee - chaired by Simon Bridges - was only reviewing decisions, not involved in making them, he added.

"The notion that only a select few know whats going on and can be trusted is a dangerous thing."


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had to laugh on this one

 there will be a political divide.

The instinct of the Labour/ New Zealand First government will be to assume that a committee of Wellington politicians and officials, with a couple of business folk, a union rep and two iwi leaders should steer our path into the new economy.

The likes of Shane Jones and Phil Twyford will implement it.

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On 13/04/2020 at 12:30 PM, tuffyluffy said:

Does anyone know how many people this virus has killed that had a life expectancy of 3+ years prior to infection?


So Mum ended up in one of those high security advance Dementia Care units, apparently some people last up to 2 years. I guess you hope for the best but pretty hard to beat the odds.

The average stay in those units is 3 months. If you don't know what average means, it sort of means half the patients stay for less that three months, (actually more than half to make up for the 2 year one)

If you don't know what palliative care is look it up, its what you get at this stage.

There is only one way out. It took her 3 months.



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Ardern wants there to be "specific" and "specially designed" initiatives for different industries....

On the assumption she is right, Robertson is looking favourably at a Dairy NZ proposal...

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters is even bolder. He foresees "all sorts of unforeseen second-order disruption". He believes the "fragility and the vulnerability inherent in the highly interconnected and networked global economy have been revealed".

We need to speak very plainly about this: these three career politicians have absolutely no idea what sectors of the economy are doomed, which have a future, and whether any particular commercial proposal makes sense.

Add Economic Development Phil Twyford to the mix, and it risks the appearance of a circus run by clowns.

The truth, proven over and over again, is that no individual or committee ever has clarity on how technologies, societies and economies will evolve.

Just about all of us are wrong about more or less everything, pretty much all the time.

The exceptions become household names, like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Graeme Hart.

But their insights are usually much more prosaic than the highfalutin' visions of Wellington policy analysts or the Davos and TED-talk crowds.

Hart's great insight included that people would want more cardboard boxes. Had he outlined this to Helen Clark and John Hood's Knowledge Wave conference in 2001, he would have been laughed from the room for his limited ambition. Just where is the value-add?



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10 minutes ago, BOIGuy said:

Having someone turn up from the Government to a new company / product launch was usually a pretty good sign they would be belly up within 2 years. They sure know how to pick them, Kiss of Death.

Such wisdom and from the far north, who would have expected that ;)

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