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Buy the boat you need now; something to learn and gain skills on and especially have fun on. After a sailing course over at Port Nich you know very little. For 5-7K you can pickup one of many nice lit

Well, you can, but the list of gear required an the condition of the vessel is extensive and expensive. It will cost more than your boat budget. It can be done though, so depends on your circumstances

Agreed. Lot of boat for the money and it will do everything you ask.

Buy the boat you need now; something to learn and gain skills on and especially have fun on. After a sailing course over at Port Nich you know very little. For 5-7K you can pickup one of many nice little keelers around the harbour. Do a few Cook Strait crossings, spend some time glamping in the sounds, a trip or 3 around D'Urville Island, with trips over to Torrent and Nelson, a weekend sail around to Mana and Kapiti Islands. Obviously you'll gain skills, confidence and decide if you really enjoy sailing (and maintenance and fixing broken stuff), but you'll also start to discover the sort of boat you will need for long term cruising. 
Very few boats on TradeMe currently, given we're not allowed in most Wellington marinas till level 2. 
Also think seriously about where you'll keep a boat. Finding $300+ for a mooring each month doesn't help saving. And then there's maintenance, for example every 12 months you'll drop $1,000 on antifouling. I think Seaview is the only marina without a wait list. Boat ownership is a significant investment in time and money. Don't go there unless you're absolutely certain; there are literally hundreds of boats other people own that you can help sail.  
Get involved with a Club and you'll soon meet people that are looking for crew for different adventures. I think having done the course, that includes a short period of free membership at Port Nick. Not known for being a friendly place certainly, but you've paid, so you might as well get your money's worth. When that free membership runs out then join a club where members actually sail, and don't just talk about sailing. 



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On 30/04/2020 at 11:11 AM, SpareHand said:

Thanks for all the advice.
I think my best course of action is to wait a few more months and up the budget.

Look out Wellington, there's a bloke that looks a lot like me asking for crewing opportunities as soon as the boats are unleashed.

Not just for the cool sailing bits either.   I'm keen to build up my knowledge in the not so glamorous side of the lifestyle too,  so if anyone needs help with getting things ship shape and shiny post lock down,  give me a yell.

Yeap my advice is crew for a couple of years on different boats. Do a couple of trips across cook strait via tory channel, then the sounds to experience with the tides, french pass with a experience skipper and crew.

Join a club as suggested by the others Evans bay or Seaview. Don,t be put of with a couple of harbour races as that's the quickest way to learn. Get your boat masters certificate and restricted radio licence as you need to know the procedures on entering tory channel, returning and entering Wellington harbour and the channels for weather reports. Boat will need a decent fm radio.

During that time you be able to gather more funds to buy a boat and have the experience to sail single handed or with a mate.

Perhaps go half share with a like minded person. Not stupid makes the mooring insurance maintenance easier in your wallet.

On anchor at night it can get pretty demanding in the Wellington sounds areas. What's more it is not much fun having a rum, gin or two by yourself.

Best of luck 


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This is somewhat the thread I've been looking for.

Sparehand, I'll send you a message. I've got an offer in on a boat and might be looking for some help in time.

I'm an american, hoping to be in NZ come October. Two things I'll be looking for, if one can even find them--a job and a cheap mooring somewhere within 45min of south Auckland. Whether paid, or a set of hands, I would like to spend quite a bit of time sailing. I'm also a photographer.




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Thanks Panther & RIYCA, 

I'm still at the super keen stage with enthusiasm to burn, so if the stars align and I can be in Aucklandshire at the right time to be able to help you out,  then I'll be there,  
I''ve got a few friends and contacts up there so accommodation won't be an issue ,  happy to cover my own transport costs..  what price experience, right?!?!

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SpareHand don't be scared to consider a multihull. You three times the boat or more for the same price as a same length keeler . My first boat was a trimaran 33 ft . Mate brought a 25 ft reactor 4 $27,000 with less room less berths. Tri under $5000.

Never regretted it. Sold it 8 years later 4 three times the amount I paid 4 it.


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