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Buy the boat you need now; something to learn and gain skills on and especially have fun on. After a sailing course over at Port Nich you know very little. For 5-7K you can pickup one of many nice lit

Well, you can, but the list of gear required an the condition of the vessel is extensive and expensive. It will cost more than your boat budget. It can be done though, so depends on your circumstances

Agreed. Lot of boat for the money and it will do everything you ask.

2 hours ago, SpareHand said:

Multihulls don't do it for me.   Whatever I buy I need to like the lines and the look of it and, for me,  that won't be a multihull.  


That's ok I wasn" dictating you buy a multi I just thought as to whether u had considered a M. You obviously have. Not a problem. We used to sail to the BOI via tutukaka Evey xrisma so from Auck. I would give him a 2 to 3 he start and would arrive 1 to 2 hrs before him. Had plenty of room to store the dingy on the decks or nets. He never step foot on boat for 11's or sun downs they where always on his boat. Yacht sqardron member which was not a problem. It meant we drunk more of his plonk.

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Ask blackpan to see if he has has a safety harness that will fit u. Then possibly think a weather jacket. Light weight possibly. I found the heavy offshore grade was sweat causing during the sailing season and sailing the tropics.  Colour is important. Buy some sailing gloves that fit u. They save nasty rope burns when learning. Natural instinct on numerous occasions could b is to try and prevent sheets from running free when learning. 





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15 hours ago, Black Panther said:

I was joking but if you are that keen get yourself up here and we'll go sailing. 

When the boarders are closed. Could be some time.

Meantime I'm sure both Auckland and Wellington persons will be monitoring any movements.

Blackpan u'r sure to b monitored by the 5 eye system every time u sail from NZ.

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Had. a few boats since my first and still haven't found the right one!


Lessons learned: 

- Add at least the purchase price to a cheap boat as a budget to get it where you want it - seriously..... a 5K H28 might cost another 5-10k to redo electronics, sails, sheets whatever might need doing.

- Look at more modern designs or gen 2--3 glass boats. The H28 is Gen 1.5ish boat. Consider a D28, Marauder, Whiting 28 etc as well as they will sail better.

- Spending a bit more upfront to get a better condition boat will save a lot of money. For example, today you can buy a nice Y88 for 30k odd, which has probably been sailed weekly and maintianed to a race standard. Y88's are a gen 3 boat and very much step forward from an H28 say in terms of fun to sail.

- When looking at boats work out what you are comfortable doing diy and have this in mind. Will be dollars for the rest.

- Join your local yachtclub and go racing- you will learn a hell of a lot and have many brains to pick at the aftermatch.

- Think about the cost and hassle of having a moored boat vs say a trailer yacht for your plans. The capex/opex scenario of say N25, Gazzelle or Trojan on a trailer in a compound can work out much better than a keeler on a berth or mooring (and you can ring it home to work on).

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1 hour ago, TazzyDevil said:

Had. a few boats since my first and still haven't found the right one!


that made me chuckle..
Thanks for the tips though Tazzy.  

Given all that's kicked off with Covid,  and the reality that it's probably going to happen again at some point with Covid-20 or 30 or whatever..  so with that in mind, 
rather than looking for something that could maybe one day take me across oceans,  I'm going to stick to crossing Cook Strait and spending time cruising the sounds.

I'll get joined up at Mana Cruising Club and start making a nuisance of myself out there.

Thanks for all the advice from everyone. 

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