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A Free Spare Pair of Hands

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A newcomer to the forums,  knocking on the door of the big 5 0.
I did the Learn to Sail course through Wellington Ocean Sports in February and am 2/3 of the way through the Cruising Crew with them as well.

Hoping to pick up a boat of my own before the years out so in the meantime I'd love to learn a thing or 2 about the realities of boat ownership.
I'd like to offer my time free of charge to help anyone who wants a spare pair of hands when all these lock-downs are over and there's a chance to get back on the water.

The way I see it,  a spare pair of hands could get you sorted out and ready to sail in quicker order and I get my eyes opened.

I'm not asking for time sailing  , or for money. 
if you wanted to buy me a beer, I could live with that.

I have my own transport,  I can get to any of the regions Marinas. 
Happy to help with any project no matter how big, small, dirty or smelly. 


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I hate to rain on your parade but I doubt you'll be getting many beers. Perhaps reword your post specifying the skills you have to offer. Most boats are quite complex. Even cheap little keel boats have sophisticated systems and owners usually need people doing maintenance who know what they're doing. Please don't be offended as none is intended.

Given your level of knowledge, based on only having done an intro sailing course I'd suggest you contact Gav at Wellington Classic Yacht Trust. They've a small fleet of wonderful old keelers (some moored in Clyde Quay where you've been sailing out from) and they have ongoing projects of restoration. Also lots of maintenance of the restored boats that they sail regularly in Port Nich events. Lizzie in particular is great fun to sail and is out on the harbour regularly. Their boat shed is at the other end from OS. Here's their web site for further details: http://www.wcyt.org.nz/

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thanks Grant,..  that's some tip top advice.. 
I'll add a few relevant details as you suggested.   And thanks for the tip about the Classic Yacht Trust.. that sounds like just the ticket..  
I did chuckle at your comment about friendliness at rpnyc..  I wondered about that..  :)

Thanks again.


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I suggest that you also post your details on the notice board at the mana yacht club, mana via the secretary. There are plenty of jobs that boat owners can supervise like sanding, antifouling, varnishing, etc especially if you are handy with your hands, mechanically, minded, good with a screw driver, and other skills, it's not as though they require a cabinet maker or a a grade mechanic. Additionally the same at the Seaview marina via the marina manager s office and the yacht club there. They have a fairly large haul out area. My previous experience re the mana yacht club they have some large boats there hauled out most winters. Also try the Evans Bay yacht club. You did not state what your occupation was but at your age you certainly can,t be totally a non fix it person especially if you own your home. You do not need to many years skills at anything to polish stainless steel like winches, hand rails, using a electric buffet, using a roller to put anti fouling on, using wet and dry sandpaper. 

Good luck and I'm sure you will get some offers and possibly undated with them.

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I did actually do that at Mana,  just before the bloody lock down started. I don't know if anyone has even seen my notice.  
I took Grant's advice and I've joined the Wellington Classic Yacht Trust.  

I'll reach out to the other clubs and marinas as you suggested too.. 

I'm not without skills.   I looked into editing my initial post to add something of a CV  but it seems like that's not possible.

I was an apprentice mechanic when I left school.  It was with a local authority so 90% of the vehicles were diesel.  Tractors from the parks department,  Bin lorries from the Refuse and Cleansing departments.  All the tradies had Transits , Sherpas or Escort vans.   After a couple of years of that I decided I wanted more, so I joined the Royal Navy as an Apprentice Marine Engineer.   I specialised as a Fitter and Turner.   They taught me lots of useful things including how to clean things that are already clean.  With an unusual , for me,  turn of foresight I realised after my first stint at sea that the Navy was a single blokes life and I got out before I was trapped.  I ended up falling into a career in the world of IT so I'm very comfortable around technology and computers.  I've thrown a few paint brushes around the homes I've owned down the years and built gates and sheds and fences and what not,  so , whilst no cabinet maker,  I know a left handed screwdriver from a sky hook and a long stand.   I have my own tools and I'm keen to help out wherever and whenever.

Thanks again to GrantMC and Rehab' for the top tips.

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Sparehead yes after a certain time u cannot edit. My guess is that you probably have tapping tools and can tap aluminum~ stainless steel, solder, weld, fix chart plotters with loose wires, add electrical wiring and sockets without hot-wiring tighten stantions,  wires, fix any faulty electrical wiring on mast like spreader lights navigation lights, fix anchor winches, bow thrusters, water makers, replace rudder glands, fix, tighten, replace wire Auto pilots, straighten any bent stainless steel rods, stantions, clean and re grease winches and lots more. If you have your own welding, gear and if you are a pretty good spray painter list all that I have mention on your c/v. Copy your original post then add all the additional skills that I have mentioned, plus others and repost. You will be inadated with boat owners chasing u. 

I certainly would if I was a boat owner or charter boat owner and I would be shouting you a hot lunch at the club restaurant and drinks more than beer.

You are one hell off a handy man with skills that most boat owners have to pay professionals for the work.


ALSO REPOST in small talk start a new topic and marine talk.

Add your cell phone number also. You could save some boat owners $5000 to $20,000. +*

Cheers and let's know how you get on.


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I took you're advice and got my offer of help out to all the local club notice boards. 
The helpful guy at Evans Bay even said he would add it to his email Newsletter which was good of him. 

Didn't do the re-post yet,  lots going on at work and home.
Also it's been more than a few lunchtimes since I did a lot of that stuff in any kind of anger,  but thanks for the advice.
I'll need to work on my marketing skills to make sure I set expectations at a realistic level , without coming over as a dreamer / tyre kicker.


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