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Icky wether, you ready?

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Icky weather for the wider Akl region over Sat night/Sunday. From the north so a little unusual direction.

Is the boat you may not have seen for 5-6 weeks OK to go thru that?

Especially if you are in Bayswater as Northerly is the direction that can make that a very lively place to be.


One good thing is mid northland will also get most of it including what looks like some water into the dams, Ya Hoo!!!

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Yep, went out to check on the boat today and give the mooring a very thorough inspection (and scrub). THen scrubbed all the bird sh1t off the decks 😒

Then gave the engines a run in reverse which further tested the mooring.

So Calm I could even drop and flake the Genoa myself.

Beautiful day for it!



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Just been down to check my dock lines this arvo. Sounds like the Coromandel is in for a bit of a hammering tonight. Civil defence are warning of probable power outages and flooding.

The Kopu to Hikuai road is already closed so if you want to get out of Whitianga, you will have to go up around the top through Coromandel.

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