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NZ Moth I built when i was 13, Pelin Caribou 15 I built when i was 17 and Stratus 747 I built when i was 21. Just listed on trademe this week coincidently 47, 43 and 39 old enough?  

A few of the many multis I have had over the last 40 years 

I'm running out of reading material as i wait for the library to re open.   So I dug out an old favourite.  It seems I was using photos of the world's best cav 32 as bookmarks last time I read it.

Posted Images

4 hours ago, The big T said:

Island Time - did you buy the Noelex out of Westpark - off Derek Blackies family? I had Current Affair moored adjacent to Flashpoint and we had a bit of an arms race going on. I put a bit more lead on the bulb as I thought the Noelex was a bit tippy so he got a bit of a wing keel added designed by Kevin Lidgard - still never beat me.

I think Derek, who did not enjoy good health, had a fatal heart attack on the helm on a Wednesday night race - a good way to go. Long time ago now.

She was at Gulf Harbour when I bought her, and eventually sold to Ausy when I sold her.

I found her about the same performance as a Y88. But she had a very narrow "groove" and it was easy to go slower, and wonder why. Often just a minimal tweek on/off backstay and the performance difference was significant.  The xtra keel weight was useful, and the wing helped reduce pitching.

I enjoyed her, great boat. Only boat I've ever owned I made a profit on!

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On 8/05/2020 at 4:45 PM, darkside said:

Not quite that old but 25 years ago today leaving GH for Tonga for the first time on my own boat.

2017-05-23 09.52.10-1.jpg


I have been observing PHAD been given some attention and a lick of paint over the last few months in Whangarei.  She is a nice looking critter.

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On 9/05/2020 at 12:38 PM, madyottie said:

Our aged glass fireball. 

This must've been very early on in our ownership, she had a lot of work done after this. Potentially very fast, but lack of resources held us back to club level.

We also had a slightly newer timber one, which we drove the mast out the bottom of, during a particularly windy race. Still won the race tho.


Ahh, memories. We had a good fleet of these in Napier in the late 80's early 90's when Nev Pearce was running the class. I had Frisbee.

We nearly cut the boat in half when a Noelex 22 tacked on top of us off the marine parade.

Dynamite downwind in 25knts +

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