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cruising Level 2?

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If outfits like the ones being mentioned in this thread had to pay an 'end of life' tax on the junk they import they would be broke by the end of the month.

At least the rain washes the sparrow sh*t out of my cockpit

DP, I was actually just trying to engage with Rehad in a positive interactive manner. 

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6 hours ago, Rehabilitated said:

Pretty B expensive.

$79 & $198 vs $398. But the upkeep on the company is costly although claiming tax credits.

Keep in mind with those Amazon ones that just cause they say they deliver to NZ and comment on taxes etc, that its not in NZ currency. there is no way of telling what currency it is in, but it is in USD, I found out once or twice when checking the credit card bill after purchasing. They are a bit grubby with that kind of smoke and mirror behavior. Right now, I'm more than happy to pay extra $$$ to keep the local stores actually open and trading. The Mitre 10 near me has just folded. I'll be pissed off if my local Burnsco closes up, so I'll make a point of supporting them and any other locals shops.

Slight thread drift, but I ordered a load of stuff from Torpedo 7 over the lockdown. They were heavily advertising click and collect. Couldn't get any of it. 3 weeks later now, I've cancelled the orders. Did click and collect with two different local shops. One confirmed the order was ready within 15 mins of me placing it, the other had the stuff ready same day, and would have delivered it that evening if I wanted them to. Both local shops have done returns and credits for things that weren't quite right. In contrast, Torpedo 7 have melted down completely, they are now emailing saying don't contact us about your order, don't even bother trying to phone us, etc. Upon phoning, the wait time is about 30 mins, I still have to wait 3-5 days for my refund, and trying to exchange anything was like banging your head against a wall. Not that I could exchange anything, cause I couldn't collect anything to exchange it.

Short story, I will now happily support the little guy local shops, and pay a few dollars extra to do so. I will never buy anything from T 7 again. They are still advertising heavily and sending me daily promo emails, yet can't deliver...

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I wasn't advocating AMOZAN. I dealt with West Marine USA. They where the cheapest, have a good review of the product, tests results, good refund policy, have the equivalent in $nz stock quality product delivered within 10 days.

Does burnsco have them? If so why waste the thread with posts when All u had to do was visit them. Took me hrs searching the net to find the thread to give you reliable well tested, reviewed to the hyperlink.

Thanks 4 wasting my time.

Have a nice day.

If other members want details or hyper links I can refer them to this thread and posts.

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Sorry Rehad, I wasn't intending to criticise you / you link to amazon. I do appreciate you going to the trouble to find that info, it is a bit of kit I was completely un-aware of and it was beneficial to me to see that information.

There has been a fair bit of dischord and negativity around here of late, and instead of being negative about it, I want to behave in a positive manner myself so as to increase encourage positive interactions and hopefully lift the general mood of the place. I apologise if my posts don't reflect that or come across wrong.

My comment about Amazon was purely intended as beneficial information about the tricks they play with currencies. The comment about supporting the little guys / local shops is nothing to do with this thread and hand held depth sounders. It is all about how I'm sick of the big corporates giving sh*t service, and often sh*t products, and we (I) keep on going back for more, like a lemming. And that there are little guy owner / operators here in my area that are seriously hurting right now, and could do with my support (at least thats what I tell my missus when I bring home more stuff she thinks we don't need ;-)

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My programme say you'll have 0.3 clearance on the high tide on Tuesday pm. It says the tide is 2.41 m. Metservice says 2.6 m (which would give you 0.5m)

I don't know why there is a discrepancy. I might try and find the data for the tide gauge that was put on the Weiti wharf one day to get actuals. I hardly ever cross right on the high tide so haven't a lot of data for bang on high. I know my numbers are fairly accurate for mid tide, which is less affected by neaps and springs heights. This difference might be something to do with the neaps.

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Apparently this one is closing cause the owners have two or three other stores, and are building a new one, but that build hasn't started yet, it sounds like marginal operations are just closing. We know a couple of the staff from their personally, and I have good relationships with several other staff as a customer.

There is a Bunnings in the general area. I really don't like shopping there. There was a period when I was returning more defective products than I was actually buying. Bunnings stuff is just sh*t. I am actually looking for a smaller owner operator place to buy some stuff from, But I think they all closed years ago...

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